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Advice re CHC package? - Carers UK Forum

Advice re CHC package?

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I would really appreciate some advice. My husband is home from hospital with an NHS continuing health care package that states the hours that the carers are expected to be there. What is happening, after about a month, is that they have seen that I can cope with a lot of the care myself and they are spending less and less time with him. No-one seems to be responsible for supervising what they do. It has got to the point where I do most of the personal care and they simply come and use the hoist 4 times a day to move him from chair to bed and back again. As individuals they are lovely people but they are understaffed and clearly have more clients than they can cope with. Would things be different if I had direct payments?
No I doubt direct payments would make any difference.
I suggest you back off especially when they are there and leave them lists of things to get on with. If they don't then contact the office manager and ask why they are only doing such and such when the visit is for half an hour or an hour.
I found they took advantage when Dad had a CHC funded care package and I had to constantly complain and watch over them wasting my own time. Don't let them use your visits to catch up on their own schedules and take a break!
The carers are there to take over the care completely and give you a break, it's your "ME" time. So be sure to take full advantage of it. To start with, it will be difficult, but until you go our for a walk, have your hair done, etc. they will do as little as you let them get away with.
Hi Janice
You should have a folder in your house containing your care plan amongst numerous other bits of paper and a section where the carers write up their time of arrival, the tasks they completed and their time of departure. Check to see whether they are being honest in this file. If not, you could write your own comment or query the times recorded.
Also if they are booked in for a certain amount of time, then they should stay for that amount of time and carry out all tasks allocated.
If you have been undertaking most of the care tasks yourself then you have made a bit of a rod for your own back. If there are tasks they should be doing, then leave them to it.
When carrying out personal care they should also be checking for such things as pressure sores and skin condition.
If your husband is not mobile I hope he has the appropriate bed, air cushion on his chair, and foot (heel) protection in place.
Direct payments would allow you to choose a different care company but I think understaffed and too many service users is pretty much common to them all. If the care workers who come to you are nice people then I think you should tell them that you realise that you have been doing too much of the care and ask them to take over more. They might think that you and your husband prefer that you do it and are reluctant to interfere, or they might just be taking advantage and letting you.
You could also ring the boss of the company and ask why he/she hasn't been for a 'spot check' recently, (when they suddenly appear to check that the care workers are doing their job). It's what they are supposed to do regularly. You can also ask for a review meeting (also supposed to happen regularly) and go over what the care workers are responsible for during their visits.
The care workers should also be asking you to sign that they have attended and have done their jobs. Don't sign that if they haven't. You can't complain if you have signed each visit off as 'all complete'.
Hi Janice,

My husband is also on Continuing Care. It's very unlikely the care workers are aware who is funding them and it's not relevant to them anyway.

As others have said, you need to tell the care workers what you expect them to do for your husband. I would also place a call to the care agency and tell them what your expectations are with respect to tasks they need to do.

I'm lucky in that we have one regular care worker who is a gem. I just let him get on with it. On his days off I tell the carer who covers exactly what I want done for my husband. If I left it to my husband he'd just have a chat and the carer would be quite happy to do nothing but sit for an hour. I know others have said it's your time to get out, but really I've found that I need to be there if I know that our gem of a care worker is not working that day.