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New language?

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After my carer/partner attempted to contact Bob Marshall-Andrews, the MP for Rochester asking who his employer is as a carer and when they became from exempt from paying the minimum wage. The first brief reply he got was "The minimum wage is an excellent introduction and any changes would need to be on a pro rata basis". Trying again Scott asked the same question again and this answer he received this time was "Dear Mr. Burns, I have nothing further to add to my last respose" We are both now still tring to decipher this total nonsense which answers nothing. What is it going to take to make these people responsable and why will these elected people not be forced to act on behalf of all constuents and not just their select choices. Take Care Alison Image
All politicians talk gooble-de-gook. They usually send a long winded reply that says absolutely nothing and in no way has anything to do with the question you asked them.
Time they remembered they are public servants and we are the public!
Our MP must be the exception to the rule as his letters are to the point and easy to understand. Unfortunately one voice shouting amongst many others is often unheard, but when he does get the chance to get on his feet he is eloquent and very much for the "common man" (or woman, lest I offend)

Take care
Why not write to your local paper with a summary of the letter and the responses....then watch your MP jump!
I have to agree with excalibur on this one, contacting your local paper will usually make your MP sit up and take notice alison, give it a try and keep us informed of what happens.

I'm lucky - my MP is very good with the wording in his letters, obviously still a Yorkshireman at heart!

After working for a government regeneration agency I got used to their way of talking, I didn't like it but I did understand it!

Paula xx
Politicians learn the art of saying what they want to say without ever addressing a question or committing themselves on a controversial topic.

It's like nailing jelly to a wall.
Took the advice about writing to the local paper twice but think they are in league with him as they have not printed or replied to the letter that I sent so what do I do now? Alison Image
Local papers sometimes take a couple of weeks to print letters: if they will pick up on it at all, of course.

As for other suggestions, it depends on how political you want to be: where there is an MP from one party, there may be a "prospective" parliamentary candidate from another party waiting for an opportunity...but this could turn your situation into a political football and not many people are keen for that to happen - I certainly wouldn't unless I thought it would benefit my son and that there was absolutely no other way.