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Advice please - Christmas, work and caring - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Advice please - Christmas, work and caring

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The year that Rob had his spinal fusion he was in hospital over Christmas and New Year. We had our christmas dinner in February - complete with tree etc Image
The year that Rob had his spinal fusion he was in hospital over Christmas and New Year. We had our christmas dinner in February - complete with tree etc Image
Year mam had her transplant we all had Christmas dinner in hospital canteen.
We have Christmas official on December 25th and Christmas real (with all the bits and pieces!) whatever time we can get a lot of us together Image Image

This is an ideal opportunity to educate your potential employer to the Rights of carers.

Work-life balance

You need to stress that improving your work-life balance will help your morale, motivation and commitment to the business. If you need to work flexibly because of family commitments, granting your request will make sure that you can stay with the business and are not forced to look elsewhere. It will also enhance the business's reputation as an employer of choice.

Flexible working Interactive help tool.

http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Employment/ ... G_10029491
One option that comes to my mind, whether you be upfront at the start or however you choose to go about it, would be to opt for a day or two off not too long before christmas eve to get things ready for christmas and treat it a bit like an alternate christmas eve. I know it's not ideal, but they're probably more likely to give you earlier days off than christmas eve, and at least it would be something. It might also show them that you're willing to support them in their business but work on compromises so that everyone is happy. Or something like that.
Whatever you do, make sure that they know in no uncertain terms that you are a carer and may have to leave work at any time with little or no notice. It's best that they know from the beginning just in case something happens and you need to leave or you are distracted at work for any reason.

I know it's not exactly something you might like to broadcast but a lot of voluntary roles can and do work around this and they might make extra allowances for you such as allowing you to keep your phone on you should you need to answer an emergency call.

As far as Christmas preparations go, a lot of places now offer ways where you can order and pay on line (if you have a credit/debit card). Failing that, Tesco have recently started to offer a service whereby you can order and pay in store and they'll deliver to a place and at a time to suit you. That might take some of the weight of getting the things you need off your shoulders, even if you are still left with putting the tree up, wrapping the presents, cooking, etc.

Failing that, you could always do as someone has already suggested and postpone Christmas until the time is more convenient to celebrate it. I've seen this done when people have suffered illness so you'll not be the first person to do this (and you'll not be the last).
Thanks everyone - some very good suggestions, and some understanding which makes a world of difference in itself! Image
I desperately don't want to postpone Christmas, which is just me being pigheaded, but I hate the thought of 'missing out', albeit temporarily, especially when I know that I'm not even needed at work. My brother is autistic, and I don't even want to think about how he'd react to being told Christmas is being delayed! Image
I think I'll leave it a few days - at least the first week, before raising it as an issue. Explain to them that I'm a carer, and that whilst the work is important to me I do have other responsibilities, etc. etc. Hopefully that won't go down too terribly *fingers crossed*
Sounds to me like a very sensible plan. Hope all goes well.
When I was teaching in Japan I worked Christmas Day - its a normal working day. Their New Year celebrations more than make up for it.
On the hospital wards, I worked Christmas day too, it was fun and we even got double pay.
Arriving at work at my cottage hospital at 8 am I was handed a very large brandy by the (Polish) charge nurse Mr Lawro; strewth - after that the whole day went in a kind of blurry haze of general bonhomie and goodwill to all! Image Image Image

The best Christmas Eve ever I went swimming in the underground caves of the Nullabor desert, which have huge lakes of crystal clear water: and slept the night in the open air on my sleeping bag under a million blazing stars with the nearest street lights more than 800 miles away.

Diversity has its attractions. Stuff the turkey!
in the NHS, you had double pay?! We only had time and two thirds for bank holidays, including Christmas Day.
I used to enjoy working over Christmas. Always more casualties, usually drunk, but usually happy too.