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Problem with plumbing

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Please could anyone help with a bit of advice? We moved into our bungalow a few months ago. The pipes started making a 'groaning' noise recently and it is becoming worse. Being totally useless at DIY I don't know if I need to call a plumber or if I can just fiddle with radiator knobs or something to put it right. Not really a carer's health problem I know but I am worried about it and know somebody on here will know what to do. Thanks for all the helpful tips, advice etc. on the Forums.
I asked recently about a new mobile phone for my husband and received helpful replies - when I took the old one into a phone shop to replace it the young man behind the counter just took out the battery, brushed it down, and hey presto! as good as new. Just to give some idea of how little I know about technology or DiY!!
When our heating comes on the pipes groan as well, its an old system which is due to be replaced after xmas, I think its something to do with expansion from the heat etc but not sure, have you got air in a radiator?
Actually Pete The Paint is good on stuff like this, lets hope he sees it
Hi.I think your radiators just need 'bleeding'
You need a radiator key- just turn it very very slowly open until the air starts hissing out and leave it till the air has stopped then tighten it up again
Have bucket under radiator key and towel on floor just in case of leaks.
Radiators do make noise when full of air.
Feel the radiator and see if it's warmer top or bottom= if it's cooler then it is usually air.
I think you can get radiator keys from supermarkets, I got mine from one.
It's worth trying that than calling a plumber out.
Good luck.
Do each radiator just to make sure and do be careful of water spurting out.
If you have a sealed system it could be that the expansion tank has run dry - in the long run it might be best to call out someone to have your boiler and system serviced and checked properly. Likely to cost in the short run but could save lots in the long term !

If you are worried about just picking someone from yellow pages, ask neighbours who they use or contact your gas provider.
Thank you very much everyone! As the noise seems to be mostly from the boiler area where there are several pipes I think I had better get a professional in before I do any more damage. I did take boiler and plumbing insurance with the AA 3 weeks ago (not sure how charmed they will be with such an early claim!)
Funny you should mention this... we have had issues with our toilet (of all things) screaming each time we flushed the chain, so my caree altered the pressure of the water coming into the cistern and it solved our problem.
Hi, far better to use the AA home call out, alot depends on what type of boiler it is, condensing or normal, the groans could be the presure from the water has dropped, on a combi boiler, or needs bleeding on a normal boiler. is it gas or oil, if oil maybe the pump needs a service, or replacing. Could be a number of things. Good luck and hope you get it sorted.
Get the plumber to go through the system with you, and then you will know what to do if you just need to pressurise the system.
Thanks Paul. It is a combi boiler and I am terrified of the thing! So I really just leave it usually on the preset times. But if it might be pressure I will ring the previous owner and see if she can tell me what to do very simply - otherwise tomorrow I will call the AA.
Again, thanks to everyone who answered
There is a tap or valve you need to open to get the pressure back in the system, otherwise bleeding wont work. But groaning pipes isnt fatal, its a minor tweak usually. If you are losing pressure, you may have a leaky valve somewhere, check for signs of moisture under radiators.
as Rob says... if it is a combli boiler you must have enough water within the sealed system...
then you can bleed the rads .. and then again rebalance the water within the sealed system ..