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Power to the people on BBC2Bank (Holiday Evening) - Carers UK Forum

Power to the people on BBC2Bank (Holiday Evening)

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What a powerful and sad programme at the same time, it showed how valuable older people are in our society, as i have been saying for a long time the elderly are like a forgotten race of people, this country treats them as nobodies.
In the programme the CSCI was pulled up by the programme makers over why it takes so long to shut down carehomes there reply was, we have to give carehomes time to put changes in place when they have been reprimanded. I do not believe them, they work like that to take the pressure off the government, imagine if they shut down all the homes that should be shut, the government would be in dire straits, they would actually have to do something for these poor and abused elderly people in these socalled carehomes, they should be called abuse homes because thats what the residents get.
There was an ex armed robber on the programme and he said that his treatment in carehomes was far worse than in prison, in prison the food was better and so was the medical care, what is wrong with this nation, we should no longer be called great britain, on all paper work or documents it should just say britain, torturers of the elderly and infirm, dont get old in britain is the message, your less important in the governments eyes than weather we have our rubbish bins emtied once or twice fortnightly, thats how valuable the elderly are to this government. The only uplifting part of this programme was seeing all these OAPs enjoying a day out at abbey road studios recording the old WHO song my generation, they showed that they were full of life and vitality, the record and video of the recording is doing incredibly well.
What will it take for this country and all the charities that are meant to support the elderly actually stop this abuse and poor treatment that is going on, now is the time for these groups to get tuff with the government, am i on my own in my views or do some of you agree
I shall be venting my real anger about this issue in other arenas this week Image

All the best to all the wonderful carers out there and there families.

Goodnight/ Sleep tight Tony Image Image
I'd forgotten this was on Tony until Mum's cousin rang to say she was watching it and she was disgusted by it all, she mentioned the guy who said he'd had better treatment in prison - what does that say about society Image

I only caught part of it but it was shameful Image

Hi Tony
I agree with most of what you say.
The thing is that old people did not just appear when this government came to power they have always been left behind.
when you get to a certain age you seem to be less thought of it's always been that way the only people that think about them are in most cases the families of the old and in some cases they think they are a burden.
So I think myself getting old is not a very nice time to look forward to I know I am getting there fast.
When the Who had a hit with the record above I for one was not thinking of getting old then I was married and had young child and just out of my teens.
Now I have reached the top of the pile Mum & Dad gone now we as a couple we are the eldest one's.
So keep campaigning Tony you might make mine and other's life's better in the future.
Dear John: Thankyou for such a nice reply, i am only doing what i think is just and right, i hope many people will join in in my email campaign on wednesday the 30thmay, it is only a small thing to do but we might get some response, you never know?

All the besdt Tony. Image
I recorded it last night and have just finished watching it. It was depressing to start with wasn't it? But I loved seeing all the bright eyes and smiley faces once they got singing .... lovely!