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I consulted a solicitor last week about my mum's care home fees ( self funding, running out of said funds this summer), and she asked if I wanted her to try for CHC for mum. I knew of it, and don't think mum will qualify, but said yeah. . . go for it. The day after this, mum was sent to hospital due to bowel impaction, and the care home manager had a chat with me. I told her of the CHC assessment, and she surprised me by saying 'beware if you get it'. She said that it is only awarded for six weeks ( so why is it 'continuing' health care?), and that if your parent qualifies they will be moved to a nursing home where the bed will be much more expensive than the care home? £800, compared to the £660 we are paying now, and after the six weeks we would have to pay the top ups? I thought CHC was fully funded, didn't require top ups? Is she saying this to put me off trying for this, for some reason? And is she even correct about this six week thing? Thanks in advance xx


If mum has nearly run out of savings, then Social Services pay for her care costs. End of. You CANNOT be forced to pay anything whatsoever for her care.. If the hospital arranges CHC and it lasts for just 6 weeks, there is guidance that says she shouldn't be moved just to reduce the fees. My mum was in the best home in the area but still accepted CHC patients. The only difference in their care was that their towels wouldn't be changed every day (according to a note I saw in the Nurses Station). The only advantage of CHC would be mum's pension would still be payable. As always, contact our CUK helpline. I'msurprised your solicitor didn't explain this better.
It sounds as if the care home manager didn't explain things properly. If the don't have "nursing" beds and her needs are rising, inevitably, and her needs are rising, she may have to move. It will be better if you say to the hospital "I want my mum to go to....nursing home". My mum's nursing home said they could do anything for mum she needed for the rest of her life except drips or deal with uncontrollable bleeding. She got better care in the home than in hospital.
I think the Care Home manager may be confused - CHC funding is supposed to be forever, but is usually reviewed annually to check that it is still applicable. After a hospital stay and where the patient is unable to care for themselves at home there is usually a 6 week 're-ablement ' scheme whereby Carer Workers and OT's are assigned to help the patient get back on their feet.

CHC funding is paid for by the NHS, but the 6 weeks re-ablement is paid for by the LA.
For the FULL sp on CHC , the following IS the bible :

https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/social-ca ... uing-care/

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