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Hi All,

I have a disabled brother who has Lennox gaustat syndrome which is a severe form of epilepsy. My dad cares for him 24 hours a day. Until recently it my mum cared for him 24 hours a day as well, but unfortunately she passed away a few months ago and now it is just my dad. My other brother and me help look after him as well of course, but i work in the navy meaning I leave for months at a time and my brother is about to go to uni. I am worried that my dad will struggle on his own(even if he says that he is fine) as my brother can be very hard to look after. My dad and me don't want my brother to go into a care home so i have been looking at alternative help for him. I was wondering if anybody has an suggests, i would greatly appreciate it.


Hi Luke,

First off, you can email Social Services for review, if the family unit doesn't already have one, then go for an OT (again if not already done) my area allows self referral to OT but its better if if comes from Social.

Get in contact with Carer Support as well, they may be able to aid as well. ... l-services ... erapy.aspx

I couldnt find a generic carer support but you should be able to do a search online and find the one nearest the family unit.

Good luck

G x