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advice on food please

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Hi I'm having trouble getting my mum to eat, she eats hardly anything at lunch time a little more at dinner time, she can have anything i work at Waitrose so she can have what she fancys when she want, but i cook it and most of it waisted, normally i can take her out to a garden centre to have lunch but its to cold at the moment, she says the cold makes her feel ill, i can understand that. so any ideas.
I don't know if this idea will help but i worked in a care home and on one of the units some of the residents used red plates when i asked about this i was told these residents did not eat much and the colour red is supposed to help to stimulate the appitite.I do hope things pick up for you and your mum as this is a worry to you.
Hello Emma

'little & often' is the best advice I can give.

My Mum cannot face a plateful of food, so very small portions is the norm - she can always have more if she wants it. But as long as the food she is eating is nutritious and provides a fair mix of vitamins and minderals I don't worry too much. I worry more that she doesn't drink enough.

Remember that the older they are the less calories they use or need. If you are really worried ask your GP for a referral to a dietician - you could also try something like Complan or Fortisip between meals
When Mum decided she couldn't be bothered or didn't want to eat, I used to make cottage pies and this was one of the only savoury things she would tolerate. I used to put cabbage in with the mash so I knew she was getting some greens, and also some cheese on the top. She enjoyed jelly so I would put fruit in with the jelly. A milk jelly is also quite good too.

Hope it helps, I know it is worrying.

Bell x
Most elderly people retain the taste for sweet things.Little and often is good advice.And would it be possible for her to play some part in the food preparation?There are various nutritious drinks your GP would be able to prescribe if weight loss occurs.Red definitely helps with appetite and is used in many eating disorders.You could also ask her what her favourite foods were when she was younger as memories can encourage appetite as well.Hope this helps. Image Image Image
Hi Helen, nothing to add, hope some of the suggestions make a difference.

Emma - didn't know that about the colour red. I will remember that for poor eaters at school.

thank you all for your advice, just going to buy some red plates from amazon, i know mums got a book on food you got in the war, i now she use to do some things from they when she used to cook so with a bit of a tweek here and there just maybe she will eat something. and jelly i know she like that thank you.
Ambrosia do little tubs of rice pud, custard and chocolate flavoured custard, can be eaten cold and very delicious too Image No need to chill, can be left in larder, for instant pud.
If she's bored with the usual things, I wonder if she'd like Waitrose's sliced fruit bread toasted as a treat? When we were in Australia they seemed to have toasted fruit bread everywhere. My family love the stuff. Last year I had a knee operation and went right off food for a few days - such a shame as it was a private hospital with good food that I've enjoyed before. I kept pleading for small portions, and was immediately put off when it came in portions more suitable for a navvy! Perhaps mum would appreciate bowls only just large enough for a few mouthfuls - you can always have some in reserve in case she would like extra. I've noticed recently that Pyrex have started doing tiny casseroles for one again - my grandmother had similar things when I was little 50 years ago. Things have apparently gone full circle again!
Little and often definately worked for my Dad, but even when his appetite was at it's worst, he could usually managed mashed banana with milk!