Carers urged to demand rights

Published on 19/05/2007

CARERS in Furness and the South Lakes are being urged to join a campaign for fair treatment.

Stephen Johnson, from Cheshire, has launched a campaign to ensure the sick and elderly and their carers do not have to pay for vital services.

Mr Johnson, 52, began the campaign after his 78-year-old mother and 53-year-old brother had to pay for their own care.

He said: “The core principles of the NHS can be summed up as follows: to provide care which is free at the point of need, meets the needs of everyone and is based on a patient’s clinical need not their ability to pay.

“Tony Blair said at the Labour Party Conference in 1997 that he didn’t want his children brought up in a country where pensioners had to sell their homes to pay for long term care. Since then 700,000 homes have been sold to pay for care.â€Â