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advice needed plesse

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hi can anyone give me some advice please late last week we recieved a letter from our local job centre asking my wife who is disabled ( awaiting a lung transplant) that she has to attend for a interveiw to assess if i her husband who is a full time carer for her should go back into work ...do we have to attend the appointment and if so would they come out to see her she is unable to walk very far and is not a well person..just seems daft as she needs around the clock care and it would cost them more to pay another carer then it does me ...can anyone relate to this have you had this letter and can advise us please ...thank you so much
sorry can't say i have had this, but i'm sure if you rang them up and explained the situation they would come and see you, but i,m sure some one here can help.
Phone them up or go down to see them , take all paperwork regarding your wifes condition , and any paperwork concerning what you do , myself I think its a mistake , something a computer has shot out , it wont be human error so they will say , if need be get a letter from your GP , or get him to phone them up . Good luck Image
I'm really sorry I don't have any advice or knowledge to share about this.

I hope someone comes along who does. Have you tried ringing the helpline?

If you contact the job centre and tell them she is too ill to attend then they should do a home visit.
I have had similar in the past and have rung to ask if they have facilities for my wife eg disabled toilet, hoist, will they pay for private ambulance etc etc. They normally say oh yes we have a toilet but when we get on to hoists etc they decide its not really worth it. Failing that ask for a home visit ( doubt if they will want to do it) but it will be a far more meaningfull assesment.
hi thanks to everyone that sent us some advice ..we have been in touch with the work assessment officer at the job centre and was told it is mandatory for my wife to attend but when i told them she use a nebuliser and cant walk very far and is awaiting to hwear if she is a suitable candidate for a lung transplant .they said that they would call me back on the monday the day that she is due to attend to the interveiw ..so we are still in the dark wether she will have to attend or not ...really makes you think why couldnt they make a decision a.s.a.p as it just leaves us worrying about it all still......but once again thank you everyone and we will post any news we get on this matter to you all so it might help someone else in the future

colin and marion