Hi, some of you know that I cared for my mum until she died last Decemberbut I don,t know if you know that we also care for an elderly gentleman with learning disablitiesand have done for 26 years on an adult fostering kind of situation. Family now really. We had booked to take him on the QM2 tomorrow as he is soon going into greater care situation and we wanted a really good holiday for him. Sadly on Friday morning we found him on the floor,starkers as he had begun to get dressed but that also meant that he hadn't been there long. As he couldn't move we called the ambulance, got to hospital and had good sympathetic attention. UTI diagnosed and sent home. Unfortunately he had gone rigid on falling and was still rigid when we got him home. He has a graze on his head and we got no where with querying a possible head injury. As he could not be cared for at home the oncall GP said she would get him admitted and then the fun began. The medics and surgeons at the hospital refused to take him so back to A&E. Ambulance took 2hours to come, then checks over and various tests Xrays etc and finally an acknowledgement that maybe a scan but not that night. Antibiotics had been prescribed that morning. Onto ward ar12.30am Sat. Emphasised that antibiotic there and that 2 doses given. Next day he was moved and now we discover that the fall, suggested scan has fallen off the radar. Spent the afternoon getting fluids into him and he was giving himself his drinks finally also gave him his meds and supper as we have to these days.He was beginning to move his body as I left. Today he has been moved again and he managed to get out of bed and fell twice in the night. So banging one's head- we are still waiting for the duty social worker to phone from 5.00pm Friday night. In the handovers at the hospital vital things not passed on. Today his social worker on a course all day but give her her dueshe did ring and has just rung again at 6.oo pm. Learning disabilities nurse not available and emergency number is not recognised. Actually he is much better today, and we think he will be home soon but I know that I can't take on heavy caring again. thanks for listening,just needed to get it off my chest. I don't want to let Michael down but what he is now doing is so like some of the things that happened with my mumand my father before her that it is quite frightening. Sue