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Advice needed on dementia suffering grandparent and wedding please. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Advice needed on dementia suffering grandparent and wedding please.

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Good advice! Don't let this prey on your minds. Put all the 'He's coming to the wedding' plans in place, then don't pay any more attention to them, or debate it any further. Focus on what colour table napkins your bride wants (and other vital matters!!!!)
PS - as any bride* knows, the most important aspect of planning a wedding is choosing a style of bridesmaid outfit that looks awful on ALL the bridesmaids, whatever their height or colouring.

It's absolutely vital that the bridesmaids NEVER outshine the bride....

* or should that be Bridezilla....???!!!!
Thank you everyone for all your advice and support. I feel like I should probably say that I am actually the bride lol
I wasn't going to mention it because it was my own fault for putting my nickname "Ray" as my name which my brother in law is always mocking me for :D
But quite a few people have commented on it. Might have to change my name haha
And unfortunately my sister is a bridesmaid and looks amazing in anything I put her in. I could put her in a sack with all the potatoes and she would still make it look fabulous!
I've spoken with my MIL again about things but she has assured me that my GFIL will be fine and told me that I worry too much. So I will take everyone's advice and put everything in place for him then try not worry about it and just hope that he is healthy and happy on the day.
Let the Maid of Honour do all the worrying. :-???
Ray/Rachael, in these LGBT days, it's impossible to know who is who, and I guess we can all just go with the flow on the day itself!!!! :) :)

Desperately irritating about your sister. Hmm, maybe she can have an attack of chickenpox, and be covered in lumps on your wedding day? (Every little helps, remember!). Oooh, I know, urge her to have a self-tanning session, and then make sure she overdoes it and turns up organe. Dye her hair for her and 'accidentally' colour it green. Push her over so that she bruises her nose so badly it swells up like a huge sausage.....

Or all of the above.....

Come on, I'm sure if you google 'How to make my bridesmaid look worse than I do!' you'll be swamped with suggestions..... (!!!!)
The whole sitaution is not easy. If that happened to me, I would try to find a compromise. I would try to concentrate on my wedding as advised here, but at the same time I would try to find a solution for a man who needs help. Although maybe it is easier said than done. I still go and try to find a fiancée for myself. That will take some time to learn effective communication with her relatives, imho.
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(The OP was getting married in February 2018 so advice now is probably redundant !