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Hi I share care for my 86 year old disabled father with my sister and also work two days a week as an administrator for the local hospital. I have done this job for nearly 3 years working 8-4. They have told me I gave to change to 9-5 on one of my days (swapping with a colleague) to provide a more efficient service. I have explained that I call in on my father on the way home to prepare his meal ....there response - make other arrangements or "educate" my father to expect me later. Anyone else had this type of problem? I am really upset by it especially as they k we I was a carer when they employed me :( My sister works until six on this day. Feel I will be forced to leave ....thanks for reading - Andrea :)
Hi Andrea,

Juggling work and care is always a challenge. When employers aren't understanding it is stressful. It seems a shame to have to give up work completely over this. You will lose out financially and being a full time carer can be isolating and brings different "challenges."

The website has an advice section on carers rights at work https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... and-career

ACAS are also very helpful on work issues.

However if you get nowhere, I'd give the new hours a go before deciding it's not workable. If you left your Dad an extra snack in case he got peckish and froze some dinners in advance that you only need to heat up for him, the new hours might not cause too much of a problem.

my employer tyne wear metro when working was aok mind you I was trade union rep brother full time officer for R.M.T. as is his son now anywho I was constant night shift working with my mate often 7 nights per week we were responsible for the overhead power supply and had to issue permits to work to contractors' or metro staff the high low voltage rules meant that we could not get involved with the work. therefore it was 30 minutes turning power off on site after midnight then power on at 04-45 then home after first test train but after about 8 years we had a change the contracts were coming to an end as was the constant nights shifts ......no way could I work days and care the management along with the union offered me early retirement ..lump sum + pension the pension was based on my last full years earning which was ........ over £50k and that was in 1997 .... I actually lost some pension cash by an early retirement but I retire properly next year and will be financially better off ... we don't really have any carers working rights at all ...use the union if you can, I`ve seen other carers refused overtime ... no promotion , if redundancies are to be announced carers are often asked to go , co-workers are not always supportive ,
They have told me I gave to change to 9-5 on one of my days
Fine, that is a breach of contract. I do hope you have a good Union and have paid your subs, because if you have, you can take your employer to the cleaners.