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Suggestions please

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Hi everyone,

Phone call received earlier tonight from an old friends of my mams.Her son attended the same school for the deaf that Robert did when they were young.The following is about her son.

41 year old dad.....wife walked out last year....hes profoundly deaf with no speech at all.

Left to raise 3 children....

boy...12 yrs...profoundly deaf and autisitc traits,attends Special school for the deaf
boy ..11 yrs...no disabilities.......registered as a young carer,attends normal school
girl...9 yrs......profoundly deaf and autisitc traits,attends same special school as brother.

In full receipt of benefits.

Nana helps out each day but its getting too much.Social services went last year but cos dad said he was coping they left and that was it.No practical help in place at all.Assessment been asked for again but no idea when it will be.

I have gave her some suggestions myself along with local numbers and names of people to contact.Also phoning a few contacts myself tomorrow.

However,I would welcome any further suggestions from members here.

Many thanks
That is sad Rosemary, poor man struggling and its probably his fear of getting involved with SS that has made him say that everything is fine and not wanting help.

I really don't know what to suggest, though its good that he has agreed to another assessment, or is it the Nanny who has asked for it? I do hope that its not too long before he gets it and that he pushes for everything he is entitled to. I hope other members will have some suggestions for you.

Take care
M x
The trouble is we're too afraid to be seen as not coping: someone might take the kids away!

In practice it's usually a different story and lone parents of more than one disabled child need a lot more help, especially getting the kids ready in the morning for school (if it's not residential). And it's unreasonable of social services to expect the 11 year old to help with this.

Do Dad and son have carer's assessments? They are both entitled.
Hi, I think they're both Carers and have differing care needs to be met so both should be assessed.
I know the DP isn't for everyone but it's great when it works! Image , but it's definately quicker here to go with SS homecare. Image

Maybe if they have someone who could meet their needs DP would be a possibility for this family? Image

Either way, help is needed and should be given fairly quickly.
There's a lot of funding available (here anyway) tied up with young Carer's so maybe the young person would get quick access to help him.
Get the local councillor involved things tend to move a bit quicker with social services once they are! Image
I'd certainly give it a bash, shake the system and see what falls out!
marie x
Thx for your replies everyone.

Carers assessment gettin done next week but in the mean time we have secured some funding and the 2 children who are deaf are going away with their school next weekend for a break and also to give the dad a break.
His mam obviously worried what will happen when shes not here, so trying to get as much support in place now.
Will keep you posted as things develop.

Love to all
x x x