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Criteria for PTS

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Can anyone remind me what the criteria for Patient Transport Service is.

To cut a very long story short we were using patient transport before but our old social worker agreed that as it took 2 people to support my husband to hospital appointments he would authorise our support company to help support me to medical appointments with him. My husband suffered a significant brain injury which has left him with severe cognitive impairment, and he needs support with all aspects of daily living. He becomes agitated and restless if put in positions that are outside his comfort zones. So hospital appointment are a bit of an issue for us as he will get up and walk out of a consultation several times, each time I have to go and get him consequently consultations are disjointed and a lot of information sharing has been missed. It has been much easier when we have support as they will sit with my husband if he walks out and I am able to concentrate on talking with the consultant. Our GPs are very very understanding of our situation so they have decided that home visits are best for us, I don't have to worry about that.

After a very stressful meeting yesterday, with our new social worker, along with other cuts to our care package he has decided that the company will no longer support us to hospital appointments. We are unable to get to hospital appointments our self as I don't drive, we have no family available to take us and all our friends have full time jobs. A round trip journey by public transport would take 5 hours (excluding the time spent in our appointments). Its difficult enough trying to get him there in a car which takes 40 minutes let alone by 2 buses and 2 trains.

I've tried to explain that all these changes will affect my physical and metal health as well as potentially the way I will be able to care for my husband (as most of us here on this forum know and understand it's a 24 hour job caring for a loved one) . I don't expect a medal or any sort of reward, I love my husband so there is no question that I will look after him, but I made it clear yesterday to the social worker that I was under no obligation to do so and if I wasn't full time caring then the council would have to look for full time residential care.... the response to that was a blank stare.

Is it just me but was that a well considered helpful response ...

I can't deny I feel let down, sad and disappointed so as always any advice, help and support would be most gratefully welcome.

Thanks in advance
These people are so annoying, I'm having endless battles myself.

However, there may be a solution. There was an NHS initiative starting on August 1st designed to make the NHS accessible for all, and to ensure reasonable adjustments were made. My son with severe learning difficulties had 2 teeth out under GA on this day, and his treatment was very poor. I suggest you contact the PALS department, explain the problem, and ask them to find a solution.
Thanks Bowlingbun, I hadn't thought of that.

I admit I've been upset since yesterday over this, to begin with the social worker and the support agency manager turned up at my door for this meeting unannounced, and I had no idea it was happening, so I was on the defensive from the start that probably didn't help.

I didn't realise how good and understanding our old social worker was until we were allocated with this new one!
If I was you, I would make a formal complaint about them turning up in announced, not to the local office, but to the HQ - have a look at the LA website and there's probably an online complaints form. Say in no uncertain terms that they MUST make appointments in future, so you can prepare for the meeting.
It's bad enough that the quality of our entire lives depends on what these people will, or won't, give us. They are supposed to treat us as equal partners, giving some notice is only common courtesy. I wouldn't even drop in on a family member apart from mum, without first giving them a ring and saying "Are you in? Can I pop in?"
Wherever possible, I try to keep social workers away from my home, as I always feel I'm being inspected.
I doubt they'd like it if we dropped in on their own homes without prior warning?!?!
If you search for ... CRITERIA FOR NHS PUBLIC TRANSPORT SERVICE ... numerous links will be thrown up.

A brief look would suggest that it is very much a post code lottery at the end of the day.

Recommend surfing into your local NHS for their full sp.
I didn't appreciate an unannounced visit so I was annoyed to say the least, also given that I have my own medical issues and I haven't been well myself didn't bode well.

Also he announced a cut to our care package and then told me it had already been agreed with the care company. I don't even think he's taken advice from our team lead at the ABI community rehab team or any hospital consultants or GP. To be honest I'm not even sure if this has been a reassessment of his needs as none of us have been told. Surely there should have been a MDT meeting to discuss if there have been any significant changes before any decision regarding cutting hours was made.

Am I wrong please tell me if I am?