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Advanced Care Planning

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My Husband is 84, he has various health problems and very limited mobility, I can just about get him to transfer from recliner to wheelchair & back. The district nurse visited today & called the doctor to see him. He spent 7 weeks in hospital recently with chest infection (twice) & UTI & then had c-diff. When he first came out he seemed to improve a little but the last 3 weeks has gone the other way. He sleeps a lot, has very little appetite & really no interest in anything when he is awake. Even so it was a shock when the doctor today wanted to talk to me and said she thought husband was on downward slope towards end of life. She talked about Advanced Care Planning & said best to care for Husband at home as not much they can do in hospital. I kind of know this I suppose, but it was still a shock, but what does this mean and how long is he likely to have, should I tell his children, or tell my Husband. Any advice would be gratefully received.
I would suggest saying nothing to anyone for a week or two, until you have had time to digest what you have been told, and think about what YOU want.
Are you happy to care for him until the end? To have more and more people going in and out of the house to help him spend his final months at home?
Or would you like him to move into a nursing home where someone else is doing the caring, and you are just wife, not carer?
Did the doctor explain about NHS Continuing Healthcare?
Attendance Allowance?
Thanks Bowing Bun, Husband gets Attendance Allowance, was going to say not ill enough for CHC but will look at that. I will try & keep him at home as long as I can. That is what I think he would want, I am trying to ask him to make sure. I am going to have carers to help me wash him because he is a big chap to move about and will probabaly need more help in the future so might as well start having carers in now..
When I was seriously disabled, I had to streamline everything as much as possible, especially in the garden, flattened all the borders, so no more weeding, as I can't kneel down. I bought a washer dryer, use a dishwasher, changed to polo shirts rather than woven things that needed ironimg, cooked one pot meals in the pressure cooker, shopped online (Ocado are brilliant). Every moment counts.