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Advance statements

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Hi - trying to plan in advance for both my parents as they will increasingly need more support.

Has anyone set up an "Advance statement" - definition below from https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/scri ... ileID=2664

- Advance statements are similar to advance decisions, but are not the same thing. An advance statement gives you the option to make general statements about your wishes and views for the future, rather than refusing certain specific treatments. Often an advance statement is referred to as a ‘statement of wishes and care preferences’.
You could use an advance statement to express your wishes on future care options, such as where you wish to live, or the type of care and support you wish to receive. You could also use it to express other wishes and preferences not directly related to care, such as the food you would like.

Seems like a good idea - I was thinking of maybe doing a flow diagram type thing with different options according to different circumstances. Anyone done anything similar and have some tips.

Cheers - Costa
Hi Costa
I filled in something similar at Mum's care Home a couple of days ago. I wrote (on Mum's behalf) such things as 'comfortable and pain free' when it came to end of life care and 'no CPR', plus acceptance of ordinary medication such as anti-biotics. However I believe (might be wrong) that although such things are given every consideration, unless you have POA, you cannot insist that doctors withhold treatment for example, if the patient is incapable of speaking for themselves. I would be inclined to use that document as a guide and as proof of their intentions, but make sure you have POA too.
Someone with more experience may know better.
Thanks for that Elaine. I have POA. Anyone else got any experience of this kind of thing?

Cheers, Costa
When my mum was in a care home, towards the end of her life, the GP discussed DNR with her, and also filled out what I would call a "potted history" of all her ailments, a copy was given to the care home and the ambulance service I believe. Unfortunately, right now I can't remember what it was called, my last remaining Little Grey Cell isfeeling tired!
I suspect the last thing my indominitable MIL would agree to is a DNR!

I do most definitely like the idea of stipulating 'pain free and gentle' as a criteria for 'slipping away'.