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Adult Social Care Assessment

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Our Social Services Locality Team sent one of their Social Workers to do these Assessments.. One for my husband and one for me.
I am totally amazed at the poor standard of literacy and the number of totally inaccurate statements made. :ohmy:
Clearly the person did not listen to what was being said when they asked a question.. They cannot spell, nor can they construct a proper sentence. Don't they even have to pass the 11 plus or any type of test to do this work.
I actually find it quite offensive to read so many inaccurate statements about myself and about my husband. :( :-???
One wonders whether it is really worth returning our corrected assessments?!
Hi Amble.

The following link to the CAB will be of immediate assistance Here :

https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/healt ... -services/

How to make a complaint about adult social care services

Adult social care is usually very good and most people don’t have any problems.

But sometimes you need to raise concerns. This page tells you how to make a complaint.
Thanks Chris.
The incorrect assessments don't bother us too much as they are so laughable. I'm just amazed that some standards of literacy etc are not required.
Your welcome.
Amble_180612345 wrote:
Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:28 pm
. Don't they even have to pass the 11 plus or any type of test to do this work.
They probably have a Sociology Degree.

If you visit Oxford or Cambridge University, you'll find this printed on their toilet paper - "Sociology Degree - help yourself". :D (Not really).
Hi Amble, we have had the same experience with some of the social workers S has had over the years. I don't know if its the same in adults services, but in children's services, the social worker team also comprises of unqualified individuals - who are carrying out various social care task.
You can check if the person doing your assessments is qualified here: https://www.hcpc-uk.org/check-the-register/

Have a look on the HCPC website to see if they were qualified. I somehow doubt it.
Unsurprisingly she's not on it. Her boss is!!
As I said, I doubt very much she would pass the 11 plus. She can't spell, can't write correct grammar, can't record correctly any facts she's been given! grrrrrr! She's a very nice person but useless at her job in my opinion.
Here's something funny, when I was due to go from the prep school to senior school I had to do an entrance exam. My sister had sailed through. If you didn't get a good enough pass you had to have an oral exam. I had to do thiss.
I was asked by one of the men on the board what my favourite occupation was!( We lived in a very old house with beautiful mezzanine coloured floor tiles. I loved washing them because they sparkled so beautifully. I replied 'washing the floor' Apparently they thought this was so amusing that they passed me on the strength of it! So the Head Teacher told my Mother. My Mother was so cross with me! She said 'they'll think your some sort of child slave!' Anyway, it got me in to Senior School!
Don't let them get away with incorrect facts. Spellings and grammar you may have to bite the bullet on, as long as they don't affect the sense or accuracy. Make all the corrections you can, then send it back, recorded delivery, to the manager insisting on seeing a correct version to approve before you agree to anything more.
Every penny of funding, every aspect of care depends on these assessments and it is vital they are correct and you have a written copy. Many Councils and their staff try to cut corners and incorrect or out of date assessments form the backbone of complaints, and then again they form the majority of complaints taken to the Ombusdman too.
Thanks for that very good advice Mrs Average. I am going to return the corrected version to the Locality Team Manager and ask for a corrected version to be sent to me. Personally I don't understand why all that private information is needed as my husband's Carer.
When my husband recently had a new financial assessment , the lady who did it told me that I am not entitled to any financial assistance because I have a private pension from teaching!! I am about £40.00 too well off!!! :o