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met a citizen today who tells me his wife is addicted to shopping channels on tv.she buys lots of stuff.crazy,he feels,costly,and wastefull.he claims his wife is seduced by the old tv shopping channels.he told me he felt as his wife is housbound,that could be it.what say you?.
I have an aunty who once she got online became addicted to Ebay.
I have a colleague who buys most of her clothes on ebay - not sure whether it's an addiction in her case but it's close!
Funnily enough I was watching price drop yesterday, first time I have ever watched shopping channel.
I think they could be pretty dangerous, no way can I afford it but was seriously tempted by Dior perfume and make up bag that I know was a complete steal at their price, common sense took over because it would have to be free for me to get involved.
My partner had a similar thing a few years ago..everytime i went out of the room she would switch channels to QVC it used to drive me nuts..she brought about 20 items from them untill she realised what was happening..can really understand anyones concerns about something like this as its just so easy
With HUGE respect to all middleaged women,and my respect for these ladies knows no bounds,a fellow carer noted that his two carees,busy fellow,both seemed to see the presenters on qvc,mainly mid-life women,of a certain age,as,allmost school-maams.both carees seem to take orders rarther then place them.

compelled by these assertive dames on qvc to purchase,so my fellow,rather pained carer ,felt.
They are just so domineering,he felt.

Oh you sirens of tele shopping,how you intice some onto the rocks of multiple purchase.

we can only try to remain deaf to your seductive calls.
Just proves how feeble minded men are, no wonder women rule the world Image
The Place: A Morrison SuperMarket.

I heard a chap say to an assistent,of the new self-service tills,just openned in the store.

"She is far less butch and bossy then the ASDA mashine.This babe is a lovelly mashine.
So,polite,helpfull,does not order you about,this one says please."

We men like to be treated with care,even by a mashine.
Don't get me started on the supermarket "self checkout" rubbish. I refuse to use 'em.
I've bought items from QVC for roughly 20 years (first in the U.S. and now here). I do "channel flick" to see what they are flogging in air, but mostly use the web site like I use any other web site for shopping. I never watch any other shopping channels, the ones that start with one price and end up with a different one annoy me. Tell me what the price is and be done with it, IMO.

The danger with shopping channels is that if you are lonely and/or housebound the presenters start to seem like your friends. You want to please your friends by buying stuff from them, whether or not you need it. It's very sad. If it didn't involve many people spending money they can't afford I'd leave it at that, but the channels are set up to suck people into spending more than they should with "easy payments" and the like. IMO the shopping channels have an obligation to set up some sort of an intervention when a customer appears to be spending very large amounts of money. Maybe they do, I don't know, but if they do it's not publicized.

As to self checkouts, I don't mind them, when they work properly. They seem to be so tempermental though that it's unusual to get through more than a few items with the blasted machine throwing a hissy fit and requiring the "attendant" to stick in their key. At the end of the day though it's all about replacing people with technology.