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Adapted bathroom?

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Is there anyone here with an elderly relative who has managed to get an adapted bathroom installed for him/her. Mum is in hospital, OT visited her home today. It is proposed to discharge her to a house without any accessible bathroom facilities. For a woman who has always had a bath every day, and has many signs of OCD. I can't see her having just a strip wash from now on. Or using a commode chair rather than a chair which fits over a toilet. The OT seems to think it's fine. I know under certain circumstances an accessible bathroom can be provided by a Disabled Facilities Grant - so why wasn't one offered? I've been invited to a multi disciplinary meeting where I can ask, but fore warned is fore armed, so I thought I'd just ask my forum friends if they had any relevant comments or experience. Is this just Age Discrimination?!
Here in Wiltshire it takes months to get work done with a Disabled Facilities Grant. DFGs are also means tested, so you may go through all the palaver of filling in forms etc only to be told you won't get any financial help. However, having put up your own funds once, further work is covered by grants. If you have the money available, not only will the job be done quicker, you will have more control. OTs should give guidance on what is needed and a list of suitable tradesmen.
Thanks. The OT was hospital based, not from Adult Services. Perhaps I'll ring AS tomorrow and see if I can establish who is responsible when it involves a discharge.
We had one done for my husband but it took nearly a year months for them to come out and assess and several months more for the funding to come through plus your Mum has to be on benefits x
No we manage ok with our bathrooms.

But I might be able to help you anyway.

The hospital OT knows your mothers capabilities and has seen her current facilities at her home. The OT does not see a problem which would impact on her discharge. And on another thread, you tell us the medics say mothers current EXTRA problems are temporary.

You say you doubt your mother will manage without a bath, correct? I suspect she has not had daily baths in hospital environment. An adjusting time.

You know, BowlingBun,she will have lived through many things in her lifetime, Perhaps you are underestimating her and worrying needlessly.

No harm at all in making enquiries about Disabled Facilities Grants for the future. Try the Gov.uk site it has lots of information there including where to get the application form for her.

If my input does not reassure you, you have another option.
You have Power of Attorney. So you can contact the Court of Protection, as indeed can anyone interested in her welfare, you can ask the Court their opinion on the discharge process.
Mum is mentally fine, but physically frail, and what I'd hoped would be a temporary problem is now permanent. I know just how frustrated mum already is, unable to do any of the things she likes, and it's going to be even worse when she comes home. My entire family always bathe or shower daily, and if that's the only real pleasure left to mum, then I'd like to see what is involved in installing something appropriate.
just another idea .... Most nursing homes offer a bathing service and often throw a hot meal and socialisation in with it. If your mother has a care manager he/she could arrange this for her, complete with transport. Until you get the bathroom sorted for her.

Someone mentioned recently that St. John's or Red Cross offer help with this in some areas.