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Disabled protest-France - Carers UK Forum

Disabled protest-France

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I know it has been mentioned many times across all forums about carers protesting.Although this article is about France its worth a read.

http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5jUx ... sZGID4rvSw

Thousands of disabled people demonstrated in the streets of Paris to demand higher benefit payments, while separate protests unrolled across France against proposed pension reforms.

http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/20...eur ... sabled.php

Up to 100 organizations around France joined together to demand a pension equivalent to the minimum wage

Good luck to them but ive got big problems with the 2 countries i visit FRANCE / BELGIUM they have no access for wheelchairs car parks in BRUGGE , OOSTEND , VERNE , LEPER, i could go on plenty of car parks and its free for blue badge but no disabled places the one we use in leper they have a sign saying 600 spaces yet you wont believ me only 2 disabled bays and its the same all over also the restaurants ive yet to find one wheelchair friendly, in leper we are well known and when we arrive the staff used to take STAN round the back and bring him in via the kitchen honest no kidding you will never find dropped kerbs places like BRUGGE the roads are cobbled so you have to use pavements and as ive said no dropped kerbs the old doll now has an electric scooter and you can only use it in the main square.

yet in U.K. we have done everything for our disabled residents but like everything else we in uk abide by the rules but not in the rest of EU

Image I take my hat off to the French people with the way they organise these types of things. People take notice immediatly even Governments