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Can Anyone Help?

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Hi everyone! I havent dropped by for a while as life has been a little hectic but something has been haunting me a bit and I am hoping that one of you may be able to help.

As you may know [if you have read any of my posts] My Niece Lily was born in January and due to problems with her delivery she has been brain damaged. She is home now which we are all thrilled about and my sister is taking her for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which we are hoping will improve things for her in the future.

I am riddled with guilt! Two weeks ago I was going to spend the weekend with my sister and they picked me up, on the way back to their house Lily had a seziure. Oh my God! Panic! panic! panic! We found a place to stop the car, my sister and my nephew who were sitting in the back with Lily were hysterical and Donna just took her out of her car seat and threw her at me. I have done First Aid but I wasn't exactly in a calm frame of mind myself. Lily was very white and her lips were slightly blue, her heart was beating normaly but she didn't seem to be breathing. Something reminded me about resusitating babies and I breathed into her a few times and took her outside the car to wait for the paramedics. She spent the night in hospital and was absolutely fine but the next day My Brother informed me it is very dangerous to breathe into a person who still has a heartbeat. Could I have hurt her? Donna thinks I saved her life do you think I might have hurt her? Sorry everyone, like I said it has been haunting me a bit.
Sounds to me like you did the right thing. I'm a first aider at work but don't have much experience, so I checked out a web forum for first aiders and found a question similar to yours. Now this question was about chest compressions, which can be dangerous if unnecessary - but the answer concluded that it is less dangerous to give CPR when it's not needed than to not give it when it is needed.

Sounds like the training kicked in to me.

In case you want to find out more, follow: http://www.firstaidcafe.co.uk/Forum/default.asp
Thank you very much for finding that out for me Charles, that is a huge relief to know . I am determined now to take a First Aid refresher course when I can find one, I think the more you learn and the more you practise you do become more confident and if [God forbid] This ever happens again I will know I am doing the right thing. Image