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Absent freinds. - Carers UK Forum

Absent freinds.

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For the past 3 years,every single day,my freind Stan went to visit his sister,whom he cared for for over 20 years,in her own home,though in these past three years,dementia had meant she had to be in a care home,where ,each day,on foot,in every kind of weather,73 year old Stan walked the four miles to visit his beloved sister,You dont stop being a carer just because the loved one you care for moves into a home.
Indeed,staff at the home noted Stans talking to his sister,giving her one to one quality time,gave her stimulus,so helping her live-on,a while.

Stan was devoted to his sister.Today she passed away.Stan is DEVASTATED.I pay tribute to a man,never recognised,financially or otherwise,except,by we who know him,as the BEST a carer can be.


DEVOTED.I hope I can now help him in this time of his loss.

May his beloved sister rest in peace.

Very often,here,Im inspired by carers.San,a man I see every day,allmost,is so VERY empty now,and,living alone,with no one to care for him,dwells on this sorrow.I hope,I pray he can sustan himself now,through this.
That's so sad for Stan, Maxi. Please pass my very best wishes and condolences on the loss of his sister to him.
Hi Maxi, thank god he has a friend like you to look out for him, i wish you all the best, condolences to Stan at this awfull time.
So sorry to hear about Stan's sister Maxi. Deepest sympathy to Stan
just had to down tools,breaking my habit of nibbling my apple on the hoof at work,and,for this once,as my mind was elsewhere,with stan,in-fact,i took stan for a quiet lunchtime coffee.we remembered vera,we shed a tear,here and there,we chatted about stan.he has yet to really see her loss as real.he will see his sister in the chapel of rest tomorrow and then,i think,it may hit him.
i phoned stan to reflect to him the good wishes from you dear friends here.stan asked me to offer his deepest thanks.he is very thankfull to all.

i think that we are lucky to have this forum for many reasons.but to pay tribute here to stan,for his caring,it seemed to be so right to do that.
just taking it day by day.he had lunch with my caree and i and we found him more upbeat.his sisters funeral is next thursday,
Stan must be glad of your friendship and how much you have been there for him.

x x
i think that if we care for one another,as best we can,then our little corner of the world might be just that bit more richer for that very care we give.silly,i know,and i know you cant embrace everyone,but you can be just there.i hope that there would be as much done for me if i needed a shoulder.i know stan would be there for me.