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extra cash ????????????????????????????

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Good evening fellow carers, over the last few months ive always gone on about cash well 3 weeks ago my mother was in respite care R.A.F. care home at Rothbury even though my mother was in army they take all ex service men/woman. as a family we are not in poverty as my mother has a war disablement pension and as my father STAN had a war pension my mother also receives a war widows pension and ive got a small works pension plus my carers allowance but over the last 10 years my savings have GONE the savings were to help me for when i was on my own anywho when mum was in respite care i got a call from veterans agency to see if i was ok i was a bit shocked apart from my own doctor not one person has asked about me as usual the chat ended up about money they said they would see what they could do.
lo and behold they contacted me and have said my mothers last review was in 2002 when she was given a 90% disablement pension so cutting a long story short if we can prove that my mothers WAR RELATED illness has changed for the worse she may get a higher allowance of course thats the maximum of 100% not many ex service men/woman get that but my mums doctor has done the forms and he has said since 2005 her problems have got worse she has also had a medical with d.s.s. and i think she may be lucky .
if she gets 100% its about £140 per month extra so we live in hope.

fingers crossed.
Good luck, I really hope your Mum gets the extra cash - you both deserve it.

Nice to hear some good news George,hope it all works out in your favour.

Too right fingers crossed, and eyes, and legs . . .
Thats brilliant news. I shall keep everything crossed for you both!
Good luck

Take care

It's good to hear some hopeful news for a change.
Good luck - let us know if you get the extra money.
CB x
That's great news I will keep my fingers crossed for you both!
Take care Deb x