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A suggestion - comments please - Carers UK Forum

A suggestion - comments please

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After reading several articles this morning and reading comments from other members,its obvious we are going to be getting fed bits at a time about this announcement .

So what would you like to see???

For me, I have been going over these following organisations from our very own information pages.Even though some relate to illness/disability,they all need carers more or less.The government will decide when they make the announcement and what it contains but I would like to see some sort of press conferences from these groups either alone or jointly or part of their coalitions and let it be known they are all watching and ready to pounce if/when the Announcement fails to deliver.

Princess Royal Trust for Carers
Age Concern
Help the Aged
Independent Age
The Relatives & Residents Association

Alzheimer's Society
Arthritis Care
British Heart Foundation
Carers and brain tumours
Connect, the Communication Disability Network
Epilepsy Action
Fibromyalgia Support Net Information for Fibromyalgia sufferers and their carers
M.E. Support
Motor Neurone Disease Association
MS Society
MS Trust
Muscular Dystrophy Campaign
Parkinson's Disease Society
The PSP Association
The Stroke Association

Learning disabilities

Mental Health Foundation
Downs Syndrome
National Autistic Society
National Family Carer
Mental Health
Rethink carers website
Mental Health Foundation
Sensory Impairment

Contact a Family
National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
NCH Action for Children

Young carers

The Children's Society - National Young Carers Initiative
Princess Royal Trust for Carers young carers site
Macmillan Cancer Support

Carers UK has already made this one clear Rosemary - I lost count of how many times this was said, including to Ivan Lewis - at the AGM/Conference in November.
I know its clear Charles but between now and May is so short a time,we cannot just sit back and wait.These are going to be life changing proposals for some people,remains to be seen whether good or bad.

There are enough groups there to ensure that we get media coverage at least once a week and if it even means repeating themselves over and over again so be it.

Its the public too who need be made aware of what is happening.
Had no idea how many groups there are and i bet you have not listed every one of them .

I just hope we dont find ourselves saying well that bits ok but not happy with this statement its only going to affect a few people so lets be happy with what we have got and as usual that statement from carers uk about winners and losers dont want to go down that route .

a joint press conference is needed but you must have prior knowledge of report before we respond government should give all who took part in review at least 24 hours before they talk about it on radio 4 sorry the houses of parliament i get the 2 mixed up now and again .

whatever happens not all of us will be happy its just the way the crumble cookies as we say up hear in geordie land .

well thats what i say

Hi what about PINNT Rosemary? Members of PINNT need care too!
We could possibly provide a whole new meaning to the word "care"!

linked from my blog at www.mypeggypeg.blogspot.com as PINNT support it eg providing information and a positive outlook on living with a condition and caring for others who are livingw ith enteral and IV feeding.
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imho I would like to think that if any too repeat any one received a joint question from all of those you mentioned and to make sure all of those listed, listed there name Rosemary, even those with a small amount of common sense must sit up and take notice.
Hi Chmaja,

I had looked at your site before and found it really informative,so much information and advice there.Whatever the illness/disability you will almost always have a carer.We come hand in hand mostly.Thats why all groups need to be together on this.These proposals are going to affect the majority.

Gordon,please dont take this the wrong way,but have you been at the sherry again?? Image Image Unless its me being tired, but I cannot make head nor tail of the beginning of your post dear Image Image Image

I just can not believe that some -if not all on that list, do not know exactly what is going to be proposed.

I think all the deals have already been done.
Image imho In My Humble Opinion, I thought every one new that one, please forgive OU (Open University)speak. Image Image
IMHO was understandable! I think it was the rest of the sentence lol