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Complaints procedure

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Sorry if I have posted it in the wrong section..I have not posted before here. I have requested my history from social services twice. Once in june and again in August. They have not answered. As far as I am aware they are breaking the law by not giving me my history. Can anyone advice me.
Hello there and welcome to the forum, I am sure someone will be along to help you soon xx
Aren't they obliged to give you a written reply within a certain amount of time?

Hope you get the stuff you need soon, flamin' departments. Image
you are totally within your rights to request ALL of your notes at any time and they must supply them in a timely fashion, they are legally obliged to do so. don't know timescales though but you have been waiting a long time. Send them a legally worded letter and keep on their case.
Timescales are included in the link. It's 40 days after handing over the money required. However, they haven't even responded to say how much.

I'd suggest checking your council's website and putting in a complaint. But make sure you can prove they got the requests first - that's a tip from the link I gave in the earlier post.
hello all
we had our`s back many many months later and vetted !!!!!!!!
over 500 + pages we had to took at and took us about 20 minutes to read though all rubbish
you will get nothing back from them that will have any meaning or sence
if the paper was softer we would of used it on the toilet !!!!!!
it ment that little to us a waste or £10
bye bev
Any joy yet, Simone?