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A Rhetorical question. - Carers UK Forum

A Rhetorical question.

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We are in an era of the short-fuse,stress,short tempers and,it seems,people up for a spat.
Trolley-rage at the supermarket,fraid tempers at the laundrette.Grim faces in the post office cue.

You see it everywhere.Why is everyone so wound-up like coiled springs these days?.

I saw a lady in full-on anger mode trying to get 50p off a blouse in a shop.Over 50P?.

Stress seems to aid or provoke far more visible anger.I realise that so many many people are
highly stressed.

The smallest thing causes,often,the biggest outburst,in some cases.

Spoiling for a fight seems to be a national pastime.

I know,as well as many of my fellow forum users,that THIS is life in 2012.How it is.

It is just so annoying Image
I think it must depend on where you live. I don't know about cities, but it's not like that here Image
I think many people are totally stressed out, many with work and money worries. I wonder if the pressure on children for results in league tables is leading to a society obsessed with success. Is it time that we respected others for who they are, not what they do? I belong to two Forums, this one, and Way Up, for widows over 50. Both forums have members who genuinely care for the well being of others. Is that what society needs today, less self and more community?
Certainly not my experience, in fact quite the reverse is true, strangers stop and chat in shops, the Post Office, the bank and the street, shop staff offer to help and neighbours have time for each other. Perhaps some people perceive in others what is true of themselves or perhaps some areas attract particularly unpleasant people? As for launderettes, that takes you back a few decades, I did not know that there were any left Image .
We have a couple of launderettes locally - mainly in "student country", poor dears.

Some people resort to anger in situations that don't really need it, but I've seen examples where it has been deliberately provoked so that security and/or the police can be called. The technique was tried on me during Dad's last but one hospital stay. Fortunately I recognised it for what it was and wrote a detailed complaint. I'm following it up today as the delays in responding have gone well beyond the agreed time limit.
Well done for persevering, it's really important that those of us who can complain do so for the good of the others who can't too. I always take the view that the company or organisation can't improve things if they don't know what is going on, and in the vast majority of situations, polite complaints are dealt with very well.
We have a launderette in my village, no large student population either. Altough we do have quite a large traveller community and quite a few houses divided in to rooms to let.

As for the anger issues its a mixed bag here a lot of people are struggling, theres a lot of pressure, get the kids to school, get to work, get back to pick te kids up. Theres a lot of people struggling to pay bills lifes not easy for a lot of people. But then theres still some community spirit left people say hello in the street. A car broke down on the main road yesterday and a number of school kids on their way home helped the elderly driver get it off the road and to safety so not all bad.
Its very interesting.Regional variations.As Diverse as the number of people,I guess.Yes,could be very-much the case.When I was in Kerry last year,I found that chilled and relaxed spirit.Very laid-back.Perfect. Image
I live in a town and see a lot of stressed people in various situations. The stress they display in a shop is probably a result of stresses in their life that are not apparant to the casual observer. Bad manners and general rudeness are more common.
Perhaps this topic should be retitled. A Rhetorical Question does not require an answer.
Interesting because we moved to an economically-deprived area where poverty and unemployment due to the closure of local industries and industry-related illness and disability is high but there is a very real sense of community which welcomes incomers, not only in the villages, but also in the nearest local town where the very real poverty is marked by increasing number of shop closures which gives it air of being abandoned but the people are without exception friendly, polite and helpful.

Perhaps all being in it together maintains a sense of community and respect and concern for each other where large discrepencies in income does not. I certainly find it hard to believe that North Wales, for example, contains a sufficient number of stressed and unpleasant people to make that the norm, I imagine that the residents would find that description of them quite offensive and it probably is not the norm because people, of course, tend to relate to us according to how we relate to them.