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Who do I contact?

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Hi all. My mother has mixed dementia and RA and her mobility is very limited. I care for her full time and we live with her. Up until a few months ago we began having trouble getting her in the car as she is so stiff and can't bend into a sitting position so we bought a people carrier where the seat is higher up and easier for her to get. Unfortunately when we came to get her in to go on a day trip we found out that tho the seat is a better height for her its too far in for her! We can't push/manouvre her in position at all as she can't hold her own weight. Are there any grants or interest free loans we can apply for to adapt the front seat to a pull out swivell one or one of those seats that is also a wheelchair? We can't go on holiday or day trips or visiting at all now. She owns her house and has some savings, but can't access them just yet as we put them in a long term account. She's 85yrs old and she wouldn't be able to sign anything properly (can't grip much) not only because of her RA but also with having being diagnosed with mixed dementia would it be legal? Some days she understand perfectly but other days things don't sink in. So, what can I do? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you : )
You need to arrange a Power of Attorney as soon as possible - this will involve a solicitor, there will be a charge. In the short term, find out more about becoming mum's DWP "Appointee", so you can handle her benefits on her behalf. I am appointee for mum and son (with SLD), it's a simple process. Then contact your local Social Services, ask for a Needs Assessment for mum, and a Carers Assessment for you (which should be done in private so you can say exactly what you want without mum being around). Mum needs to see a physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist, depending on how your local situation, this could be either through the doctor or SSD. I would also suggest that you and mum consider opening a joint account, so then only half the money in the account counts as mum's from the point of view of a needs assessment. Together, these two things would simplify shopping etc. significantly too. Hope that helps.
Hubby couldn't sign anything either, as he couldn't use either hand, but the authorities that we were involved with (including both POA's), were happy for me to place the pen in his hand and hold his hand whilst he attempted to make some kind of mark. Most authorities will accept this, even if you have to hold your mum's hand. If she can't make some kind of mark on the POA paperwork, the solicitors will come out to you and sign on her behalf. We had our solicitor plus 2 secretaries come to our house to do this at one stage.
They don't mind coming out to your home.