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A lifetime of caring - Carers UK Forum

A lifetime of caring

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This is for all of you here. Some are 'old' friends and some are 'new'. Some been and moved on. Yet it has been the support, understanding, advice, and friendships on here these last few years that had one of the biggest impacts on my life.

Although all our cicumstances differ, many of the emotions are the same.

Thank you

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Well done Rosemary - I know it can't have been easy for you to stand up and speak as you did.

I, for one, feel priviledged that I can call you my friend Image
well done from me too, rosemary.

i can only echo what susieq has said. a real privilege to be a friend. thank you for that. xx
Well done!!!
Perhaps its the way I feel at the moment but also perhaps because I felt totally connected with your post even though my caring role is completely different to yours Rosemary but your posting has but more than a tear to my eye, well done and thank you for sharing xxxxxx
Thank you, Rosemary. After all you have been through it is awe inspiring that you work to help others and speak up for them so eloquently. I hope that you and your husband soon get the support you deserve.
Lesley xx
Thank you Rosemary, well done.
Well done Rosemary.

You are wonderful to be able to put your life story into a presentable speech.

I hope you and Sean get the support you need, though I suspect that will be an uphill struggle with all the cutbacks.

Delighted to hear Robert is doing so well.

Your family is a credit to you supporting you as they do.

You are so blessed.xx
I had no idea that you had done so much Rosemary
Thank you xx
That is amazing Rosemary. xx