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A Jolly Good Book. - Page 2 -Carers UK Forum

A Jolly Good Book.

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I love books and reading. I can't really read when S is about, so snatch odd moments to read when I can.

Myrtle - have to say I agree with you, I've not been drawn by a kindle or equivelent - I love the real thing.

Isn't reading on Kindle like reading on a screen ... Do folk find reading a Kindle ok at bedtime?

I read my Kindle in bed, no problem!
I'm reading a book my friend wrote her first, call Mask Wars by Joy Ellis 'she my friend', probable not my type of book but its a really good book. Image
I really enjoyed reading books, but now love my kindle!!! i have read twice as much since i have had it, i have just finished Warhorse it was a lovely book i hope to see the film in the near future,
i am reading an excellent book at the moment about a young lad growing up in care, i don't normally read this type of book but the reviews were very good. Jayne. x
I love the kindle too. We bought our daughter one for Christmas and she loves it also. I love all the freebies I can download on it,and have found some ghreat authors.(have also found some terrible ones, but can delete the book if I don't like it!)The only thing I don't like with the kindle is the voice which will read the story out. It is pointless as a talking book,it is all in one tone,can't even tell where the end of a sentence comes in. My husband would have had one too, if it had been good to listen to.(he is registered blind,and his talking book at home needs an electric socket, so if we go out together and I want a walk and he doesn't, he would have loved to sit in the car and listen to a story.)
I enlarge the writing so that I do not need to use my reading glasses, which makes it far easier to read in bed than an ordinary book.
I carry it in my handbag all the time and any unexpected hanging about, hospital etc, I read it!I can read the title of my choice at that moment.
I never thought that I would prefer the kindle to a real book,but I do.(I still try to turn pages and I have been using mine for a year now!)
Im Still debating, i lover reading.

Shall i buy a kindle, i guess its easier then going out and buying books.

Dont think iv seen a complaint about them yet.
No kindle for me I love the feel of the paper and the smell Image ( although when I worked in libraries some books came back a little too smelly Image )

I don't buy them very often either I use the library If I do buy I try second hand first. Although I have got a waterstones gift card that needs using Image
Im engrossed in the book 84 charring cross road right now.its relaxing.I love the freedom of books.