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A government slave

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I shared Jenny's experience in becoming a carer virtually overnight.

Nothing prepared me for what was to follow over the next ten years , moving from crisis to another without any support beyond the local gp / nurse / hospital.

To add insult to injury , there was no support out there when the caring finished.

For future carers , I hope the equivalent of a Carers " Probation Officer " will be available when the caring ends.

For most carers , more support is available if you had just finished a prison stretch.

And , for some , a prison stretch may have been prefered to your caring " Duties " ?
Unfortunately neither the NHS nor Social Care has been funded to provide for everyone in every situation fully ever since they were first introduced. Ditto state pensions. They were intended to provide for the few who couldn't provide for themselves, or be provided for by their families. They were introduced as top ups, not to provide everything for everyone. As time has moved on the origins have been lost. It is unrealistic to expect them to provide fully. The figures didn't add up from the beginning and are even further adrift now.

That said, I do think there is much misuse of the monies we do pay in the form of taxation, and that which comes back to us in the form of services. PFI Private finance initiatives are a licence for capital providers to make a fortune. Crooked deals indeed., ditto SS service providers and suppliers to the NHS. Any savvy business person could and did spot (legal) opportunities to make millions. Thats where most of our money goes.

Family carers alwaya were and always will be the bedrock of a care system. We're just not recognised as such. The economic benefits we save the nation are incalculable.
Hi Jenny ... I agree that , in most circumstances , the caree should " Top up " the carer's income given the level of Carers Pittance.

In my case , mother and son , our finances only worked by combining them to meet expenditure. The only way I could get close to a 50 / 50 type split was by drawing down a private pension 15 years early. I am paying the price for that enforced decision now and for the rest of my life.
Chris, sounds like you and your mum are the 'highly squeezed middle' .....with your mum failing to own a million pound house that could fund her care for many years (!), and you retiring from your career to look after her.....

To a significant extent, I am only sanguine about my MIL burning through the value of her sold flat to pay for her care home fees because, fortunately, my husband and I self-funded our own house during our working lives. So my son (and his surviving uncle) don't 'need' my MIL's flat-money (it would be nice if something were left, but I can't see it happening!).

Ironically, if I need a care home, then the house I bought with my husband (not a million pounds alas!) would still be a MUCH larger bonfire of my worldly goods compared with my MIL ,and that would really hurt.
Mrs A - couldn't agree more.


I read quite recently that many hospitals have paid out up to EIGHT TIMES the cost of the building to the rip-off merchants lending them the money in the first place. The PFI 'robbers' sold the debt on to other rip-off merchants, who keep their foul hands in the public trough for years.

For the life of me I can't understand why the government doesn't cancel all remaining PFI contracts, and tell the robbers 'You've had more than your fair share, enough is enough!'

Yes, we are all entitled to a degree of profit in our life for our work, and money-lenders are as well - but NOT a rip-off profit.

From what I heard once on a File on Four programme about PFI, hospitals and schools were forced by the government to sign contracts that no one in their right mind would have signed.....they were given no choice about it at all. The governemtn was just desperate to get out of paying for new hospitals and schools out of tax payers money, or borrowed money (despite that fact that governments can borrow money more cheaply than anyone else!)
Hi Jenny ... in my case , mother and son living under the same roof.

If I hadn't become her carer , I would have lost my home over time. I still did but that is another story entirely.

I still cringe when recalling the number of financial projections I did at the time.

Bottom line ? Becoming a carer and drawing down that private pension when I turned 50 was the only viable option.

Even now , almost a decade later , I still see it as the only option available , given the circumstances , at that time.