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A government slave - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

A government slave

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Chris as has been mentioned before the Administration team (your 'red' lights) do not necessarily get to read EVERY post made on the forum (if they did there would be no need for the Moderators (your 'green' lights)).

I will, however, highlight your concerns to them and point them in the direction of this topic.
Thanks Susie ... a point I made during the recent " Exchanges " with Helena.

No point in posting anything worthy of being followed up by the Voice if said posts are not read by them in the first place ?

During Gavin's time , he was only too willing to step in as a first port of call. Occasionly , akin to walking into a lion's den but , even with more argumentative posters , it sort of worked.

That relationship has , sadly , never been replaced ... intentionally or otherwise ... only the Voice can answer that one ... for the benefit of all readers.

The forthcoming roadshows are , so we are told , an opportunity for the Voice to meet , and discuss , with carers issues that effect their daily lives.

This Forum is an even bigger opportunity that has , for sometime , been overlooked ?


At the moment, our national tax regime is not priced to provide us with 'paid for' care in old age. Unless we shift spending from elsewhere, we'd have to start paying more taxes to pay for our social care in old age.
NHS , free at the point of delivery.

Social Care , anticipated level of care depending on one's ability to pay.

All western Governments have know since the early 60s that an ageing population would be a cause for concern in the near future , and advised to plan ahead acccordingly.

What happened ?

Collective heads buried in the sand.
A " Slave " army of 6 million + carers used to save the System from inmmediate collapse.
No planning for infrastructure to be in place for an ageing population.
No incentitives for saving towards retirement beyond pensions subject to market forces.
No advance training for likely employees for the Social Care sector.
Cost of preventing near collapse now politically unexceptable.
Allowing the private sector into the Social Care field ... profit motive as opposed to actual care ?

Just a few leading to today's System.

On the 15th. March , the carer army will find out their fate for the future ... if your quick , you can still get
odds of 1 to 1 million on that future being grim !

If you have a spare £ 1 million , easy way to make a £ 1 on it !
But isn't the 'slave army' a 'voluntary' one, strictly speaking, as in it must consist of relatives who choose to provide care themselves rather than selling their parents' homes and inheriting possibly nothing (except the pre-threshold £16k etc) after care home fees?

If it isn't for that reason, then it can only be because they don't want their parents in a care home at all?

(Only talking about family carers of parents here!)
I was a "slave" for far too long, it was only when I had counselling that I realised how controlled I'd been by mum mum, and sucked into her life of OCD, rituals, etc. Then when she left her hoarders house, I was the only mug around left to sort it all out.
Whilst in theory we all have a choice to care, in practice, it doesn't feel like any option at all for many.
I have used the term " Slave " in the context of having no rights or compatible pay when compared with any worker in the UK , nor protection under various Acts enjoyed by workers.

The Government does not consider carers as workers under the Law. A new legal definition together with statutory enforced rights / pay / conditions is long overdue.

As there is no pressure on the Establishment , why should carers be given any consideration other than thrown a few bones their way from time to time ?

Slave may be a little strong in some respects but , most apt under the Law prevailing at this time.

As to choosing to care or not , under such conditions of caring , why are there a minimum of 6 million " Willing " to care when the conditions and remuneration are , somewhat , sparse. to say the least.

Sure , carers do have rights ... trouble is , most need a Court of Law to be enforced. As Legal Aid has been cut to the bone , only the wealthy carers can now take the legal root.

Carers had high hopes when the Care Act was passed only to see their expectations thwarted once again.
I don't think it helps that so many of us caring for parents didn't actually see it coming, and so made no plans, and really didn't know what was involved, and what the rules on funding were, etc etc.

When most of us start a family we do so as a deliberate act, and we plan ahead for having babies, and anticipate (even if imperfectly!)(eg, how little they sleep at nights!!!!) their impact on our lives and finances. I think that gives us far more chance to see ahead and understand the implications. (Though, tragically, all those plans and expectations can be knocked for six if its our children themselves who need care.)

I was totally clueless about elder caring when I 'inherited' my 89 y/o MIL in the course of a single phone call to me, and I really 'learnt on the job' - aided HUGELY by this forum shining a torch through the darkness. But had I known what was coming, I'd have done things differently much earlier on.

So many of us don't appreciate the minefield we are striding into, and where the exploding mines are likely to be.
Chris, I'm truly not trying to argue with you, and I can see where you are coming from, but I could argue that it is up to our (parental) carees to pay us, not the state, if they have the financial means (ie, currently over that £23k threshold).

BUT, I completely agree with you that for parents eligible for 'state-funded' care, then it makes FAR more sense, if relatives are willing, for the state to pay THEM not professional care workers (assuming there can be safeguards for ensuring our parents aren't cheated etc etc).