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Bullying - need to share this. - Carers UK Forum

Bullying - need to share this.

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I care for mum. She has lived in her neighbourhood peacefully over 40 years. She is being intimidated by neighbours who are spinning lies and accusing her of reporting them to the council. There is no truth in these allegations, and we both thought it was sorted.

One of these people is a bus driver. Mum went to use his bus Saturday evening when she had been to bingo. He told her to get off and walk home. She was so frightened she got off and walked home and is not fit to. I'm so angry she did not call me, instead walked it home in such a state. And so so angry and afraid what this guy has done, I called the police. I really feel like ensuring he never drives a bus again...I'm so upset and angry!!!

Can't understand where this has all come from. Mum used to get on with these neighbours. They've suddenly gone weird and intimidating. Both me and mum are afraid they will come and do damage to us and our property. They know where I live. Is it right to get police involved? Will they sort it out? We are both completely innocent. Image
I would write to the bus company too,and complain. Let them know that you will be prepared to speak to a solicitor if it happens again, as anything could have happened to your mother walking home alone.
Good luck.x

I think there is a culture at the moment of picking on what seems to be the weakest person in the vicinity. This has gone on in our street too. I am alone now in the house and the neighbours think they are going to intimidate me and get the better of me. I will quietly deal with their conduct. I don't know why this sort of thing happens but one thing I have thought is that these idiots have not thought it through to what will happen when they are old, ill or otherwise less able. Karma may come to get the bus driving neighbour. He may come wide with someone who wont take it and get a slap. In the meantime do report him to the bus company but is there another address you could use such as a relative in another town? The bus company should not specify to him who has made the complaint but just in case. The police should be aware that your mum is a vulnerable person aged ? and has (illnesses or conditions). Make sure that the Police are aware that you are flagging up your mum as being vulnerable.

Bullying is never an attractive trait but it seems to be everywhere these days. A certain Mr Kyle makes a good living dealing with all sorts of bullying. It really needs to be stopped

Little Lamb
Id echo that,Id PHONE that bus company straight away.I take a ZERO TOLERANCE view to bullying in ANY form.
I agree,if we tolerate it then it just gets worse.Stamp on it at the start and let them see you mean business. Image
What reason did the bus driver give your mother before ordering her off the bus?

He is catagorically NOT allowed to do that unless your mother was causing a scene and being threatening towards the driver.

Report him immediately to the bus company, he will get sacked for that if he doesnt provide a valid reason for not allowing her on the bus.

I bet the local paper would LOVE to hear your story too!
In our area, a bus driver was out of order. The aggrieved people went to Radio Solent, the driver was sacked and the complainants got free bus travel for life - now that's what I call A RESULT!!! It is really important that you contact the company concerned. If your mum is disabled then they have an extra special duty of care to the most vulnerable passengers. Let us know how you get on.
Am really sorry to hear about the problems you and your mum are having. Do contact the police about the neighbours, they should be able to give you advice on what to do. That bus driver is not fit to be doing that job, he should be ashamed of himself. Hope you get your problems out soon and your mum has got over her ordeal.
I can imagine,if its a half-decent Bus company,they will look into it and take steps.But BULLYING in ANY form is NOT,EVER,ACCEPTABLE.I think that we all,here,would agree on that.
This despicable man needs teaching a lesson. I'd have rung and written to the bus company immediatly. This pathetic individual is not suitable nor worthy as a bus driver! Image

I detest bullying in any form!