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renault kangoo

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i'm thinking of buying a renault kangoo diesel for the mobility scooter and getting the wav version just in case the wife gets worse so i don't have to change it in a year or two.the kangoo looks quite reasonable price wise,i wondered if anybody had one and knew if they were any good or not,or should i get a berlingo or doblo instead,your opinions would be a help and appreciated
Hi Malc, they are van deriative cars, so are pretty reliable, the diesal engines are bulletproof, and being commercial vehicle based they are very reliable, have a look and you will see lots of them about, the Doblo is better as there is far more room. Hope that helps.
thanks paul,in an ideal world i'd rather be shopping for an audi tt or a volvo s60 t5 but these are not practical so going in to new territory with a wav and aint got a clue,so didn't want to buy the wrong thing,i think a trip to eddie wrights car supermarket might be needed
When we were looking for our WAV all these vehicles were teensy in my opinion. You get the wheelchair user in the vehicle and no room for much else eg shopping, equipment etc.

The other problem with them is that they have ramps and not tailgate lifts. Believe you me all that lifting up and down of the ramp can get old pretty quickly. Plus I can't actually operate a ramp as if I get down I can't get back up again so that was a no no for us.

Of course our situation is that we need room for a large powered tilt in space wheelchair (with son in it of course) and also for my four wheeled mobility scooter (not a particularly big one but still needed the space for it) and of course a portable ventilator. I feel these little vehicles look like a "popemobile" .

We used to have a Nissan Vanette Cargo Cruiser with a tailgate lift but it was too small headroom wise for our son so we had a look at the Renault range of WAV's and settled for the Renault Master with a tailgate lift and a short wheelbase. (I loved the curves of the Renault Traffic but again too small for everything to fit in). One of the other dad's at sons powerchair football club has the long wheelbase but they have two DMD sons in powerchairs.

Good luck with your WAV hunting.

The kangoo is v.small and little headroom. It is also higher, so the ramp is steeper.
The doblo is still small, but lowered, so slighter ramp and more headroom. As others have said, both these cars are small. With a long wheelchair, there is no extra room. If you don't need much room, doblo is slightly better, though I think the bigger cars are better quality.
thanks for the advice,my ideal vehicle would be an ex taxi but i can't get insured for one because of being a taxi driver,go figure! i've spotted a couple of scudo's and dispatches on ebay that look ideal,i think i need to start saving