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A & E or not?? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

A & E or not??

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The circumstances are somewhat different, in the case in question it is not an emergency, other scenarios were not under discussion. Given different circumstances one might act differently although the ambulance triage system would probably suggest alternatives to an ambulance before agreeing to send an ambulance and one might have a very long wait whilst emergencies and more urgent cases were prioritised. Personally I would always call a taxi unless I was incapable of using one and an ambulance was the only feasible means of attending A&E but that is my choice and others might make different choices which they are fully entitled to do.
Overall, I think the important thing is A&E is a definite option here. Although it may be an idea to make sure you have some triangular bandages available to reduce the discomfort.

Mind you, when I broke a bone in my arm and set myself up with a triangular bandage sling before going to A&E they asked who'd done it, commended the job and decided I didn't need anything else! Image
Thanks everyone
I am awaiting a call back from our GP at the moment, I have helped pop it back twice this morning so thought rather than wait I would ask his advice.
When DD dislocated her knee last year, school immediately phoned for an ambulance, but that was a full dislocation, her shoulder is partial and does not warrant an ambulance in my opinion, BUT, if it dislocated fully, I would consider it if I couldn't arrange other transport.( I know school wouldn't hesitate if it happened there)
I have asked our son in law to be on stand-by for a lift to A&E, we are only 10-15 mins away- but DD is very reluctant.
I will see what the GP says, then maybe a trip out to the hospital at the weekend will be in order, I'll get snacks and drinks organised, it's usually a long wait! Image
Thanks again all
GP is of the same opinion as most of my virtual friends, - A&E straight away if it becomes very painful or won't go back in, he wants her to keep the appointment to see him next week, and in the mean time he will get a referral done for physio.
It has popped 6 times today so far, rather than going to the office at school and risking being sent home again, DD got one of her friends to help her, all well and good, but I have told her in the future she should go to the staff.
Thanks again all