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A & E or not?? - Carers UK Forum

A & E or not??

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I would like your thoughts if I may....
As some of you may know, Hubs and Youngest suffer from Joint Hypermobility Syndrome.
Youngest has had physio for hips, knees and ankles and is awaiting an ortho app. for insoles to help with her flat feet.
Her shoulder has been 'popping' out almost every day for the last few weeks, ( before this it was maybe once a month if that) it's not a full dislocation and she can usually pop it back in quickly with a little help.
I have made an appointment to see her GP next week, but here's my dilemma...

Do I hang on and see the GP and wait for x-rays, physio etc OR take her to A&E next time it happens?
If I wait, there's the risk that if it keeps happening it will damage the soft tissue further and could possibly fully dislocate, if I take her to A&E she will have to leave it in the 'out' position until they can see her which will cause her quite a bit of pain, but they will probably x-ray and refer her to the fracture clinic within days.
I hate to see DD like this, but have to be practical about it
I would value your opinions
I think A&E as it is happening so often, there is always the risk of permanent damage or injury requiring surgical intervention to the joint and surrounding structures, tendons, ligaments, etc. I have dislocating kneecaps and now have a permanently damaged left knee which probably needs replacement so I may well be more than a little biased Image .
I'd do both personally. Start the GP route but if (& when) it happens again then take the A & E route
Situation like this as much as it will cause longer distress for your DD I would say A&E, as you say the long term results will be much faster.
My left shoulder pops every now and then from an old sports injury so I know how painfull it can be but I would try and get to A&E with it.

Hope it works out for you
A and E Definitely.It should be quicker and they may spot something that might be otherwise missed. Image Image Image
If it happens again before your gp appointment, I'd say A&E too. It might be a painful wait there, which is distressing, but you might get a better result and quicker in the long run.
I am with the A & E brigade on this one. Instant (well after you wait in a Q) access to scans, xrays etc., and specialist medics too.

Take care
A&E, even an ambulance. Then she will get to hospital as quickly as possible, minimising pain. If you don't do this, how would you feel in 20 years time if she had lifelong problems, because you didn't take this action? If you've done your very best, i.e. A&E, and things don't turn out as you would like, wll, you did your best. I live my life using this principle. Think carefully, make the best considered decision you can, and then don't blame yourself for any consequences. If you do your best, that's enough. This became my policy when I was trying to find the best education for my brain damaged son with LD. I know that I really annoyed a lot of people as I refused to accept what appeared to me to be second best, appealing all the way to the Secretary of State for Education. As a result, my son went to the best school locally and he progressed wonderfully. Now he's a lovely young man - had I not persevered he wouldn't have turned out so well. As a parent, you need to stick up for your children, no one else will.
Whilst going to A&E is perfectly reasonable and valid, I do not think an ambulance is a good idea, this is not an emergency. I would never abuse the system, primarily because it may deny someone else an emergency ambulance for a genuine emergency or result in an excessive wait for a patient whose GP has requested an urgent ambulance, but also because if you have previously abused the system if you do later need an ambulance for an emergency it may not be treated an such.
I wrote what I did from my own point of view. If I dislocated my own shoulder, then I'd call 999 without any hesitation. A&E is a very long way away from my home, as I live in a rural area. I would not feel able to care for my child in pain and drive at the same time, the journey could easily take an hour. Perhaps if you live with conditions like this, or you live closer to a hospital, your attitude would be different?