Hospice Care

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Dad's doctor has helped me so much today. He is putting the Hospice "advance planning team" in touch with me, but he has said that he will still be in regular contact. This is a tough phase.
Our local hospice team were brilliant with my dad when he had prostate cancer. They operated a day hospital, and had people to visit him at home, and could support my mum too. However, it is an indication that someone may not have long to live, which is sad, although not entirely unexpected. Hopefully they will be able to help with your dilemma about whether or not you should return to work soon.
So true BB. If this is the case I will take longer unpaid leave from work
My local hospice charity supplied Hospice at Home care for my husband. It was brilliant. Made it possible for him to end his days at home, and I am forever grateful for that. They seemed to work in tandem with the District Nurses (and GP of course), so sometimes it was a DN and sometimes a hospice nurse turning up.

I would definitely add my voice to suggesting that not returning to work at this time might be the best. I would hope that is possible.

Wishing you well at this very, very sad and difficult time, Jenny