A difficult subject-End of life

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charles47 wrote:Perhaps this topic needs to be moved to a section covering the difficult topics, such as the one on sex a while back. Sort of a "things we're afraid to talk about" section?
I'll move this to the "Condolences" section as that seems most appropriate
Thanks Sue
I'm sorry, but this doesn't work. Condolences come after the event and don't help anyone to prepare - if that's what we've agreed the topic is for. It's why I suggested a "tough topics" section - I know that would mean a redesign of the forum, but I think it's that important.
I agree with Charles. The condolences section isn't the place someone would look when facing the last days of a loved one. Perhaps a new area is necessary. If this thread is to be of use I also think it will need to be tidied up as much discussion is now about the thread rather than it's initial content.

An area on caring for the elderly would be useful too as so many of us face/have faced the difficulties this poses that are not addressed elsewhere.
I have highlighted your concerns to Admin and will let you know the outcome.

(only Admin can add new sections and re-arrange the Index)
Our problem is that any time we have tried to discuss end of life issues with my son he simply says that he has too much living still to do and he doesn't want to talk about dying. He says he would like to be frozen and then brought back to life when there is a cure for DMD. Obviously this is not practical and anyway the ice in the cells bursts them so freezing won't work.

Understood, Susie: I expected that as mods can't set up a new section.

But I do think it's important enough.

Eun, I can understand Rob's attitude - I think. He is a survivor and maybe he thinks that talking about death is a step towards giving up. I don't see it that way because it happens to all of us, but I'm not in Rob's position. His expectation is shorter, so he has more living to "cram in." - and by golly, he's doing it. The energy he's put into his campaign would daunt most people who have a lot less to daunt them.
Here to support or answer any questions however akward. Want to help if I can regarding end of life discussions
Wondering if there has been any feedback from admin regarding this topic yet?
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