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A debate on the support in your area. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

A debate on the support in your area.

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
There is little available in the London Borough of Havering either. I must admit I haven't tried everything, because of time problems. I work at home part-time and if I go to a meeting in the morning for three hours, something else has to go. And as someone else has said, it can be more relaxing to get completely away for a few hours (if we're lucky enough to be able to) rather than meet other carers and talk about caring.
There will be a Haveirng carers meeting with buffet lunch on February 24th, I think. I just got the information. I went once before but after that there were staff changes so there has been a gap. It is probably an annual meeting. Part of the morning was a talk by two ladies on a stage simulating a dialogue about something not directly relevant to me. I think it's always a problem that not every carer has the same problem. I found the morning very useful though.
A couple of months ago there was a morning at Queen's Theatre which I had difficulty attending. There were tables for all kinds of carers' groups, including dementia and learning difficulties. I picked out the only one relevant to me, HAD, but they couldn't answer my questions about direct payments. They found a lady from HAD and social services who was very concerned and helpful and asked me to phone her. I did phone four times and left a message twice, but she never got back to me. As I was leaving we were encouraged to listen to some young people putting on a little play showing scammers deceiving old people at the door. I did not stay because it was going to be 20 minutes and was not relevant to me. I was also accosted by a police officer who told me my handbag was easy prey for pickpockets. It is a Healthy Back Bag and anything but easy to get into. He virtually forced me to try out a chain attaching my wallet to the bag. I thus got the impression that this event was open to every organization in the borough that wanted to sell itself. It seems that carers are not only at risk of scammers and spammers, but they are also at risk from anti-scammers!

So everything here is a bit ad hoc. I did want to go to a meeting for people employing their own carers, but I was told it was easy to park there, whereas it was impossible and I should have taken the bus. And that is a problem - a morning meeting once a year is great, but if it coincides with a hospital visit and you can't go, you've had it for another year.

I did get a Carers' Directory for the Borough of Havering. Unfortunately I can't find it online. It shows that HAD - Haveirng Association for People with Disabilities - seems to have a Facebook page but no website - has monthly meetings. There were a number of other useful things like fingernail cutting. It appears that this is a collection of offers by local charities.
Is there any we're in Derbyshire for us carer's to go?
Take a look at this link- you need to click the tabs and then select from the menu

You can use this link too to see what local services available

http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... al-support
Simon I have merged your thread in with this one as all relates to local support


Had a quick google and take a look at this link- click on all the tabs and select from menus