A Carer's Tale

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Thanks for putting the link on here Paula. Tony - a hard story to tell when it's clearly so fresh in your mind. Thank you for sharing it: it's the sort of story that needs to be told more widely.

Any chance, Gavin?
Thank you Paula,
it is a thought provoking piece indeed. I hope you do not mind but I have put it on chill.
Please say if you wish me to remove it.
Best wishes
That is perfectly ok wendy, i hope people find it thought provoking.

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I thought it was a heart breaking article and beautifully written.
Well done.
Takes great courage to share our deepest feelings at times.

Across all the forums Tony, we have so many lurkers,many who benefit just from reading.I hope by reading yours they gain even more strength to help them cope.

Well done Tony.
Thankyou rosemary for your very kind words.

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Very moving story.

We have a piece in our membership magazine, Caring about Tony's campaign. I'll have a chat with a colleague about the story.
Hi Paula / Tony.
What a heart breaking story. It sounds very much like my mum and myself right now.I started crying reading it.
I wish you both all the best for the future Love from Sheila xx
Thanks very much for your kind words sheila it means such alot to me.

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