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A bit of a moan about care home communication. - Carers UK Forum

A bit of a moan about care home communication.

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Hope you will allow me to use the forum to offload a bit of a moan I have about Care Home communication.
Although I am happy with mum’s care mostly. Not about everything though.

What I have a gripe about right now is the fact that sometimes it can take me half an hour or longer to get through in the first place as the phone just rings. And then I may be asked to call back another time for one excuse or another.

But the thing that is getting to me right now, is that my emails are not being replied to.

I am learning fast now the great importance of keeping records of things, and I asked by email who would be present for mum’s recent check list for nhs chc funding, along with some other questions. The email was not replied to as usual.

I phoned and was told by phone by the manager that a social worker would be present to act as an advocate but no such social worker or advocate was present.

I sent 3 emails yesterday regarding this subject and each time requesting and acknowledgement, but nothing.

I phoned and after a long wait to get through I spoke to the manager who confirmed that she was receiving the emails.

I am getting a bit fed up, and as I have two complaints going at the moment with different agencies connected to mums care.

I am sounding off here to let off steam so as to keep control and not end up with yet another complaint letter to deal with. :(
Just to answer my own post here to save anyone else pointing out what should have been obvious to me.

I have phoned the dementia help line who are absolutely brilliant!

some times when we have to lot on our plate to deal with, we can miss the obvious due to mind overload.

But what I am going to do is arrange a face to face appointment with the manager to address this issue.

A load off my mind... Thanks goodness for the wonderful support there is out there including this website :)
Glad you have a plan. Hope meeting goes well. Take a list of things you want to discuss, try and stick to the big issues and leave off the just-niggles.

Thank you for your reply and support Melly1.

I can't help thinking that a paper trail is what some service providers DON'T want.

But I know from experience now that it is so important. I may get another agency involved with this as really a face to face meeting about the fact that I am not getting written replies kind of defeats the object I am thinking now.

Still haven't had a reply back to my complaint to the hospital going back to 2014.

I am addressing that now and will not accept fobbing off with a phone call.

Best regards