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Cost of home care

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My mother has 3 visits a day from council based carers on the recommendation of her social worker, She has been sent forms to do a financial assessment to see how much she has to pay. Here in Wales you may pay nothing or up to a maximum of £50 per week. Without the carers my mother would be in a home or I would be in the loony bin Image . What I am wondering is does anyone know how they work out entitlement. My mother has some savings but no where near the £23k max plus quite a large state pension and a former employment pension. I'm trying to find the calculation to decided whether to just pay the £50. She doesn't like claiming things and ATM I have got so much going on in my life I don't want to fill in the assessment to find she doesn't qualify anyway.
Has anyone got Any answers to this one please.
Thank you
hi Worrywort

I have no idea what the workings out are for the care packages. I didnt want to read and forget. I would always say claim whatever you can because no doubt your parent will have paid in in some way and why should they not have their needs met when they are in need of help.

I think the assessment varies in different council areas. I'm in North Yorkshire and they
have no maximum payment cap there (Tory council !!) . They took all dad's income into account, except for a war injury pension that they're not allowed to count any more.
Then they have amounts they allow for outgoings. They didn't allow realistic amounts for outgoings, laundry for example. We had a financial officer out from the council to go through the forms with me, but that was a few years ago.

I can understand you might want to avoid the form-filling but they may insist on having the info anyway. I agree with Duncaring - your mother is entitled to the money.
Good luck x
My mother has no savings does not own a home, i live with her as her full time 24/7 carer i have a small occupational pension and the carers allowance not one other benefit ..we dont get personal budgets or individual payments we have been informed many times that we have to pay for every single thing we need , even respite care to give me the carer a break has to be paid for by my mother ( we can now get 4 weeks respite care free per year from the S.P.V.A.) day care per hour is, via the local authority £16 per hour one days care is £110 ...one weeks respite care 6 nights is £980 .....and we have to pay because they claim my mother is pension rich ( asset poor) war widows / war disabled and reduced state pension....why should she pay for her carer to have a rest ...even the new legislation will have respite care means tested ...

the war disablement pensions/war widows pensions are usually disregarded for council tax and housing benefit but not for care services the disregard for war disabled veterans and war widows can be changed if the councils wish to do so ..this year we had to wait till April to see if Northumberland council would continue with the war related pensions disregard and they did ...the legal disregard for war related pensions is , i think just the first £20....
I thought the law changed a year or so ago so war pensions were not to be counted as income for care services. My council would not be voluntarily disregarding it, I'm sure, they're very mean !! In my dad's case the whole of his war disablement pension was disregarded.
like the tax free war widows allowance it is not legaly tax free but the government as far as i know disregard it ...nearly every council disregard the war related pensions but as i say legaly they can if they so wish to just disregard the first £20 ...they are calculated for care services and will be lost if the pensioner enters a care home that is why war pensioners/widwers /widows need a total cap on the care home fees(£1200 per year is on the cards) ..they will be eentitled to free social care sooooon.

1. The Housing Benefit Regulations and Council Tax Regulations 2006 make
provision for the first £20.00 of income from War Widows (Widowers)/War
Disablement Scheme and the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme to be
disregarded in any benefit assessment. The cost of this disregard is fully
reimbursed to the Council.
2. The Council has the discretion to top-up the £20 disregard. For 2013-2014
Northumberland County Council has taken advantage of this provision and
fully disregards income claimants receive from the schemes.

if our council removed the total disregard we would have to find an extra £400 per month my mother would have to pay her half of the rent / council tax in full ..this is always a concern for the two of us as we have to make sure we have at least £400 per month available in case they decide to scrap the disregard ..which they thought of doing this year .....as her carer with just the carers allwoance and a small occupational pension the only help i get is the 25% carers discount on my half of the council tax which was up for review also ...the councils can if they wish remove the 25% carers council tax discount if they want to..however as a unit we are better off this year due to my mothers increase in her war disablement pensions she can now claim extra benefits such as the comforts allowance we are over £240 per month better off ..still not enough for me to vote tory ...but the new universal pension of £144 per week in May 2016 will sway many ..i retire Aug 2016 and will benefit from the new higher non means tested pension ....worth £140 per month ....