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Calling Cheltenham Carers - Carers UK Forum

Calling Cheltenham Carers

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
I am wondering if there are any carers who live in my area Image I saw the call about Wrexham so thought here goes.Fairy Image
So I'm the only Carer in Cheltenham, I don't think so Image Image Image Image Image Gloucestershire maybe Image Image Image Image Image I am really surprised I thought I found out about this site ages after everyone else but perhaps that's not the case Image Fairy Image
might be that nobody from Cheltenham uses the forum, Fairy.Do you have a Carers centre near you, as you may get to meet local people that way?
I talk to people all over the country through the forum,and have made some good friends. I talk on Facebook to people all over the world, who have life issues similiar to mine,and I belong to a local Parent Carers group to go and about locally.
Lots of us here though. We may not live near you, but hope you enjoy chatting on the forum anyway.
Hi Audrey I get your drift but I don't believe putting the town or county will be a security risk but maybe I'm wrong.Fairy Image
Hi lazydaisy,
Yes I do enjoy the forum but sometimes it would be good to chat about local issues too.I don't have the time to go out to groups so online would be a great way to be in touch locally but it seems it's not to be.Fairy Image
Carers issues locally or other things?
I belong to a group on Facebook from the town I grew up in, it is great fun. (I only live ten miles away now,and often go back there but still fun to talk to people I used to go to school with, or others who remember shops and the outdoor swimming pool etc etc.)
The group is also connected with a couple of other groups, raising public awareness of various issues,fun and serious.You might find it worth looking at Facebook for local issues.
Hi Lazydaisy
I have never tried Facebook, don't know how to access it or use it, but thanks for that.Fairy Image
I'm not a Cheltenham Carer, but I went to school there and my parents, now in their nineties, live there, still fairly independently, so I pop down when I can, along with my five other siblings who all live at varying distances: I'm the furthest away by far. We work as a sib-collective, there is no primary carer and never will be.