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a bad day

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We all have crawl under the duvet days and you shouldn't feel guilty, though we all do that too Image
But we are, all of us, only human and it does help to let it all out where people understand.

No advice of my own to offer I can only echo what the others have said and send Hugs.

I don't know if it would be possible but can SS organise a respite sitter for you. I get 2 sits a week. I don't go far, usually no further than the local town which is a few miles away. It gives me a break and gets me out of the house and I know there is someone looking after my hubby and he's safe whilst I'm out. If theres ever been a problem the carer has rung me straight away so I could come home and if he's really ill I cancel the sit.
Give yourself a pat on the back and feel proud of yourself.It doesn`t change much but you can at least feel better,and reading what others have said,we know what you`re going through and care.Never any easy answers,we just do the best that we can,and you`re doing good,and you know it. Image Image Image
Hi Xstichgirl, I just wanted to send you hugs - such a difficult time for you. I'm not the least bit surprised that you want to crawl under the duvet; you have so much on your plate. As for disagreements, we always hurt those we love the most. I care for my mum but there are times (only last weekend) where we screamed at each other and both ended up in tears Image . We carers are not saints, just trying to do the best we can in trying circumstances. As for other people's comments, I think we have all been there. They tell you to get on with your life and do nothing practical to help. Next time someone says it, ask them if they can do anything practical to help and watch them run. Or, who knows, maybe they will surprise you. Keep chatting on here; our circumstances may be different but we are quite good at hand-holding and listening. Image
I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face....thank you all so much for your time, your hugs and mostly for showing me that you accept me just as I am. I cannot tell you how much being here means to me. i know I am not going mad, being a bad person _ I am just human.

hugs to all of you. H xxx
My OH and I have had some angry spats over the years mostly because of his illnesses and most recently because of his medication side effects.

Following an incident with his grown up and old enough to know better son he spoke to the GP and arranged about power of attorney for me for his welfare and finances. Now after a spat I just remind he I wouldn`t let him divorce me and he can`t do it without my say so as he gave me POA. We end up with the giggles.

I have perfected the art of walking away then coming back into the room as if nothing had happened.

One arguement we had was over a white shirt.....not that one, the other one....seven white shirts later I couldn`t stop laughing and he ended up going to the wardrobe and wearing a pink shirt, which everyone remarked was very stylish and made him look ten years younger!

Take care
We all need space , but we dont get it mainly because we do things for the person we love , we dont trust any body else to do it right , caring for my lyn for over 20 years has taught me , TAKE EACH DAY AS IT COMES , we have had disagrements but then marraige whether one person is disabled or not has them , we have all been where you are and I must admit before i found this site I too thought I was on my own .
You will find many friends on here , we dont judge we just care for partners and for each other on here , hope this has helped you and you are most welcome to the forum , have some of these Image Image and (((((((((((hugs )))))))))) to go with them .