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Shock at deteriation

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Today was awful. I cannot believe how quickly mum's mobility has decreased, quite literally overnight.
She's tottered around for ages now refusing to use her walking sticks. This morning I was ecstatic when she came in to breakfast using one of them, without me nagging her which, quite frankly, I'd given up doing a while back.
It was only when she went to the toilet, and called out to me to help her negotiate a small step that I knew something was seriously wrong.
The look of confusion, despair on her face as I helped her I'll never forget. And the pain she was in. Mum is very stoic yet she was close to tears. I cursed the fact that I'm a female shrimp. I wanted to be a burly 6ft male so I could whisk her up and carry her to her chair, but I couldn't.
We got there in the end and the doc was called out. Mum only made a token resistance to this (she hates Docs) so I knew it was serious.
The doc was there within the hour and was brill. Mum does not have a DVT, but the doc prescribed stronger pain killers and a physio to come out. The Doc also recommended that we get heat packs or hot water bottles. Regarding the latter, no way! I insisted dad buy these microwave things so no hot water was involved. I was like a Sargent Major!
Oddly enough, these microwave heat thingys seemed to do more than anything to help ease her pain. They're not very well designed though. So I've doctored them with stitching to stop the wheat bunching up (rubbish looking but does the job) and velcro.
Today scared the shit out of me. She seemed to be on such a gentle decline and then WOOMPH!
My mum and dad are 89 and 92: very frail and wobbly, with lots of help. They merely exist, from day to day, a crisis is round every corner. I count my athiestic blessings they are still functioning and in their own home.
What's a UTI? I need to know this stuff; I didn't realise how ignorant I was before... I realize it now.
Sajehar - UTI = urinary tract infection. Did doctor ask you to hand in a urine sample from your mum to test for water infection? As Sussex has said, UTIs can really cause havoc. Usually it respond well to antibiotics.

Take care xx
No they didn't. Should I do so? When I present them with a pee example what should I ask for?
A wash hand basin, some soap, and a towel might help ...
Actually they're getting it - pee sample - in an ex-ice cream thing - steralised of course!
As for those bloody birds... they're still there.They'll wait.. no they won't. Good for them.. I'm beginning to like these birds (YUKKKKKK!)
Sajehar, I'm sorry about your mother. As others have said, a UTI might be the culprit. Hopefully some antibiotics will have your mother back to normal.

One other thing, if a crisis like this occurs, remember to try to look after yourself as well.
sajehar,sorry to hear about the problems with your mum.
take care
((((hugs)))) sajehar. Im sorry things have gone down so rapidly Image
BTW if you ever need help to get her back to bed/chair/whatever - especially if she falls - then call for an ambulance and explain that you need the paramedics. They wont just take her to A&E, but will help lift her (so you dont injure yourself) and are also qualified to see if there is anything wrong.
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