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Special announcement about the recent forum changes - Carers UK Forum

Special announcement about the recent forum changes

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Dear forum users,

I just wanted to let you all know that Carers UK is fully aware of the many problems that you’re having with the new forum.

I particularly want to acknowledge the difficulties some of you are having logging in to the forum. I know how frustrating that is because I’ve had the same problems of “invalid token” and “password not recognised” when I’ve tried to login. I want to apologise to anyone whose use of the forum has been disrupted. I know how much this place is valued and I know how the support you get on here is so important.

Our aim with the new forum is to put it at the heart of our membership where carers can support other carers whenever they need it. We made changes to improve how it is integrated with the rest of the website and upgrade the security features. But we acknowledge the changes haven’t gone well.

We will be making changes over the next few weeks to get the forum back running smoothly. In the meantime the existing forum will still be available for you to post. Please be assured that your data will be stored securely.

Finally, I would like to pay tribute to our volunteer moderators SusieQ, Nilla, Brindleboy, No1Mum, Myrtle and Rosemary. They are not only offering support to forum members, especially new ones, but they’ve often been at the sharp end of trying to sort out problems encountered by members trying to login and post. We could not run the forum without them.

Kind regards

Gavin Macgregor
Director of Communications and Engagement
My end is working pretty well, at present. I'm wondering about the compatibility of different operating systems and browsers: a lot of carers are using stuff that is out of the ark because they can't afford to replace their Windoze 95 heritage systems with the latest 64bit, dual-drive, 500 megaram iPoxes. :silly:

I have the latest state-of-the-art Ipox and still can't log in ....
Thanks for feedback.

Anne, apologies for the difficulties you are experiencing - we are working on login problems - it would be helpful to have the version of your ipad and the browser you are using - please post them here

I'm going to lock this topic but encourage anyone with feedback or any problems they are encountering to post here.
https://www.carersuk.org/forum?view=top ... &start=135