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5 days to go... - Carers UK Forum

5 days to go...

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Dad moves into his flat on Saturday! Think i'm losing my marbles! So much still to do, and for every step forward i think i take, something happens to make me take 2 steps back Image

Found out last night that the 'man with a van' can't now help...so here i am, Tuesday morning, with no removal van or help! The carpet i was told i could have cheap, well it's turned out it's not that cheap after all, at £350! Can't find a baby-belling anywhere, so on to the net today to hunt one down. I'm up to my eyes in paperwork, all of which seems to have a need to be done before my dad actually moves in! Spoke to my boyfriend last night, turns out he may not be down this weekend, and if he is it will only be for a day if that. Court on the 30th, and found out my ex has decided, in his wisdom, that he's going to be bringing his new girlfriend with him...i asked why, and oh the joy of the answer, 'so you can feel intimidated, like you made me feel when i spoke to the police'!!! Image Image

Can't decide if i want to hide in a corner and sob, or get a bit of 2x4 and smack him!!! And the man with a van!!! Arrrghhhh!!!!

Sorry, had to let it out somewhere Image
morning Alix !!

Now take a deep breath and calm down - it will all get sorted !

'Man With A Van' situation - try your local Age Concern, ours has a 'small job' service - there's usually a small fee. If they can't help they could probaby point you in the right direction.

Baby Belling can probably wait; as long as he has a microwave, kettle and toaster he could get by for a while.

Carpet - I imagine the rooms in your Dad's new place are quite small so have you checked out the remnants in your local carpet shop - they usually sell them off quite cheaply.

As for your ex - it would be the bit of 2x4 for me Image Image Image Image Don't let him intimidate you; you are stronger than he is Image Image Image

And good luck with the move on Saturday Image

Deep breath taken... Image had a bit of a panic this morning, that's what happens when i think too much Image

The logical side of my brain was saying exactly what you said Susie, calm down, it will all work out. The rest of my brain was just not having it, and had a wobbly. Van situation is sorted, many thanks to my landlord of all people! He's offered his services with his van for an hour or two on Saturday...big tick on my list for that problem.

Still puzzling over the cooker, as dad can't use a microwave, doesn't even want to attempt it, put his foot down with both hands...but i'll sort something, somehow. Got a ketle and a toaster, so he can survive on tea and toast for 48 hours if needs be. Wanted to avoid that if possible, but if it comes to the crunch then so be it.

I'm still breathing Image

Carpets...well, that's just going to have to be an ongoing thing i think. But found somewhere that does them cheaply but can't deliver! Oh how i wish i could drive and had a car. Ah well, not to worry now.

As for ex...******, yep, that sums him up. I'm just glad i've got a solicitor, anything kicks off before court she'll be there to see it in person...could end up better for me in the long run. Time will tell. But you're right, i won't let him intimidate me, not any more. So all is calm again, Image as calm as it ever is anyway!
Hi Ali; I'm hoping that you're still calm - but am kinda thinking that the situation is 'hotting' up for you ((((((hugs)))))))....just hold on to the idea that in, say, six months time you WILL have got through it all and life will be lovely. Yea, I know - it's a problem in hanging on to that thought -
Am pleased that things are getting sorted though, even if it is slowly.
Good luck with the move xx
ps, is Dad getting excited?
Things have calmed down today, but are going to kick off again tomorrow...dad has a hospital appointment in the afternoon, i have my daughters harvest festival assembly (also in the afternoon), and parents evening, delivery of cooker and tables due tomorrow morning too! Then Friday dad is at his day centre, i have to start getting all the boxes and bags down stairs and my daughter starts half term...oh, and i had one hour of sleep last night Image I'm feeling a little frazzled Image

I'm still holding it together, just about, with the lone thought that soon it will all be over and i'll be wondering what i was stressing over. Thanks to you all for your kind thoughts and words, it's reasuring to know i can spill all my feelings, thoughts and emotions in a place where others have sympathy and understanding.

Dad is getting like a kid at xmas, in a sweet shop, with a years worth of pocket money Image it's lovely to see a glimpse of the 'old' dad coming through again, glint in the eye, bit cheeky and a total wind up merchant! This is just what he needs, a fresh start, somewhere safe with lots of people around him that he knows.
Hi there Alix, good to see that Dad is getting excited and sorted out. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the things that you have achieved and got together for him - takes some organising I know! Like Pamela and Susie say, things will sort themselves out and you will soon be able to look back and smile.

Take good care Bell x
how r u feeling now hun?

U need to make sure u do sit down and just rest,

wots wrong with the 2x4? id actually used a 2x4 witha few nails banged throught he other side, and the taking girlfriend thing--- let him, somehow i think she will be ex by the end of the court, thats even if he has a girlfriend, he might just be trying to prang u out , dotn let him, he had his go and ruining your life and he has failed big time


and good luck hun

I'm feeling ok, wish BT could put the phone on before the 6th but never mind. Going over to see dad tomorrow, check he's settled in ok. Had to stop myself running over there on the bus today, i have to let him have his space to get used to being in his own flat, as i have to get used to not cooking so much for lunch Image

As for ex, seems he also wants to take his girlfriends niece to the court as well, but i've had a good talk with my mate who is coming with me, and we are both agreed that he can do what he likes. Bringing his g/f to a court hearing concerning his daughter is not going to look so good. So let him do it. No skin off my nose. He does have a g/f, it's not just a tactic to get at me, and to be honest i don't care if he does or not. I'm doing this for my daughter, not for him. She is the one who needs a drug free role model as a father. Image Thanks for the hugs rin, much appreciated.