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45 lessons we should all know. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

45 lessons we should all know.

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When in doubt, just take the next small step
OK, you are looking to cross the road, there is a truck coming one way, and a bus the other, and you are supposed to take a "small step"? B*gger that, its either run like the clappers, or stay put, isnt it?

Actually the more I read this list the more it looks like the usual "chicken soup for the soul" pulp that the Readers Digest was famous for putting out.
"Be eccentric now, don't wait till your old to wear purple". I just love surprising people, including myself(!) with what I have done and can do. After an ultra conventional childhood I'm proudest of learning to ride a motorbike, passing my test in outback Australia, riding it to the beach with tiny shorts and a midriff top - sadly neither would fit these days! I've shipped steam engines half way round the world, started and run a national lorry club for 20 years, and I own a couple of steam engines and a 32 ton lorry - my late husband was an engineer. Not bad for a needlewoman who had a Sierra for 8 years without ever lifting the bonnet! I've addressed the CNA AGM and had a motion passed almost unanimously, and now I'm dealing with the Ombudsman concerning my son's financial abuse. I've cared for six people with severe health problems, and had some pretty bad health problems myself, requiring major surgery. When I was a little girl my parents often said to me "Don't say can't, say try!", and when my grandson is born in June, I shall say the same to him. None of us know what life will throw at us, but it's certainly helped me make the very best of any situation I've been in. I would be very interested to hear what has helped others cope.
Yes, I think motorcycling to the beach in Australia wearing a bare midriff and tiny shorts has helped me a lot too. Image Image Image Image

Not doing it myself, I hasten to add. Merely thinking about you doing it..... Image
We lived on the north west coast of Australia, 1,000 miles north of Perth. Nearest zebra crossing 400 miles, nearest traffic lights, 700 miles, nearest department store, 1,000 miles. We lived in a company town, the port facility for an iron ore mine. Nevertheless, mail from mum and dad near Bournemouth would sometimes arrive in less than three days! We lived in a block of flats, 4 up, 4 down. The girl in the flat next door but one had nursed with my Guide lieutenant at Bournemouth Hospital, and the fellow in the flat above knew one of our steam engine friends well, his dad had worked for him. My husband's assistant at work came from one of the smallest villages in Oxfordshire, where coincidentally my husband had taken me to see another steam engine friend, who the assistant had known for many years!!! It just goes to show, you never know when you'll meet someone who has a mutual friend.
I know it well. Visited the Nambung National Park myself, a few years back mind. Even took a fancy to some of the curious rock formations.

Number 29 is my favourite- remembering this one will probably keep me most sane.
Braggin' again Scally? Image
Thats a hard question Image Image Image
Watch yourself if it goes flacid mate, it could knock you out! Image Image Image
Yes, but what a way to go, eh?