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3rd Leaders debates- who came out on top - Carers UK Forum

3rd Leaders debates- who came out on top

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We had this last week, lets see if any difference after last nights show.
Well Clegg did it for me again!

Brown seems to be doing well in this poll. Why?
13 years of nothing from Labour no action on Carers' Allowance; refused to confirm if AA and DLA would be kept for those over 65; cutting benefits;everyone back to work; welfare reform; and much more- if you think 80p rise is acceptable then I GIVE UP! Image

Conservatives well I won't go there...

Rant over
Brown is doing well on this poll more because of what he won't do than what he will do imo, that seemed to be the thrust of his argument during the last debate.
During the recession of the 90's under the Tories the poorer bore the brunt with the wealthier getting richer, picking up re-posessed housing stock at bargain bucket prices, earning on crippling high interests, remember Peter Lilley and his total scorn for those relying on benefits.
I haven't heard anything from Cameron to say he would do anything different this time round, scarey stuff indeed.
Clegg had his immigration amnesty out there under closer scrutiny, fiddling around with tax credits to say nothing of unilateral disarmament. Immigration has become a big issue now but none of these parties will do anything, Labour believe we owe the world a place to live, Lib Dems even moreso and the Tories will be in no rush to get rid of such a huge source of cheap labour for business.
A case of better the devil you know for me.
As a lifelong supporter of Labour , i just can not trust Gordon Brown , he willl do nowt for carers even the threat of the A.A & D.L.A. to fund the national care service is only "on hold " till 2014 thats if they get in .. his free care at home is now under threat if we have a hung parliament, as the liberals have said they will use the cash for a carers one week holiday yip bloody yee , no memory clinic in every city which was pledged some 2 years ago.. even his specialist nurses to care for --- wait for it 1.5 million canacer patients , to be cared for "at home" on a 1-2-1- basis , the extra cash for carers respite breaks is also under threat they dont have it in manifesto ... legislation for working carers may now be held back to allow small business to get moving after the recession....
and residential social care he now says the state will pick up the bill after the elderly person has "paid for the first 2 years" how can they pay ? well they could sell the house but is that not the cart before the horse ...
and we carers will be out of poverty by the year 2018 what a joke , talking about jokes my old mucker ANDY BURNHAM said he if returned to office wants the department of health, as he has started so many good projects and wants to see them through, such as removing benefits for an underfunded care at home- national care service .
looks more an more likely that i wont even vote .....

when Gordon Brown said re tax credits , that the conservatives would take away benefits from ordinary hard working middle class families (poor families) err that a family earning over £25-000- £35-000 ...get real mate
I get really annoyed about the immigration argument. It's been hijacked totally. Anyone would think it's one-way traffic. It isn't. Anyone would think that most immigrants are shiftless drains on the state. They are not. Most of them work hard and have come here because the work pays well. Funnily enough, that's why so many Brits are off to other places for the same reasons.

Figures were released in November 2009 showing that more people than ever are emigrating. In 2008:
Official figures released today by the Office of National Statistics reveal that 427,000 people emigrated from the UK last year, the highest number ever recorded and up 25 per cent on 2007.
The whole story is here: http://www.statistics.gov.uk/CCI/nugget.asp?id=260

Interestingly, it shows a close correlation between immigration and emigration, with similar peaks and troughs, suggesting that people are moving because "the grass is greener on the other side." Which is why so many people return after a while. It isn't always.
Have we been a country who has always disliked people from abroad?My grandfathers parents were immigrants. One was from Belfast, the other from Italy. They came to Pembrokeshire before my Grandad was born. My other ancestors for at least four generations back were all either English or Welsh.
When I was small, in the 60's, a lot of young couples and single men came over from Southern Ireland.Of the group of 6 girls I was part of as a teenager, three of them had one or both parents come over from Southern Ireland.(and I don't recall any of the fathers being employed by the local new refineries, so it wasn't that, that was the draw.)We were also in school with quite a few children whose fathers and mother had come across as refugees in WW2 from Poland.Milford had quite a few Polish families.
Perhaps its not legal immigration that is causing some concern, maybe its illegal immigration.
Perhaps its not legal immigration that is causing some concern, maybe its illegal immigration.
How does society define an illegal immigrant? Many genuine refugees are refused refugee status and therefore are therefore wrongly defined as illegal immigrants. And what is wrong with leaving your country to enter another to try to improve your and your family's circumstances? The British are able to do it with relative ease so why not allow potential immigrants from poorer countries the same opportunities here? However we try to fudge it, legal, illegal, this society is not as tolerant as it would like to make out.
I totally agree with you Annie.
just wondering why you always quote every post I make? Image
with best wishes Image