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24 hr care funding

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Does anyone get NHS CHC funding for 24hr care (live in carer). I know that this given in my area, (Hampshire PCT), but I do not have evidence.

If you do, or know of anyone who does, please either send me a private email or respond to this post.

Best wishes, Paul.
Hi, I used to live in the London Borough of Sutton. 15 or 20 years ago, my neighbour was given 24 hr care for several months until she agreed to go into a home.

More recently, my mother in the same borough, could possibly need 24 hr. car ebut my sister has been told themost she can have is three visits per day. (Unless of course she does it privately and funds it herself).

I would imagine that 24 hr. care in the carees home is more exppensive, with all the admin costs taken into account than providing care in a residential care home, so in the current economic climate, I would be surprised if it is available.

Maybe mix and match is possible. Ie. ask for the maximum SS will provide, and top it up with whatever self funding is possible, and some voluntary family care to fill in some of the gaps.

Best wishes,
There's a difference between NHS Continuing Health Care and social care. Social care is most often provided in the home and 3-4 calls a day is the usual maximum (although there is no legal limit). NHS Continuing Health Care can be 24 hours and can be provided at home. Don't know of any specific examples in your area, though, Paul.
We now have 24 hour live in care, funded by NHS Continuing Health Care. It was a struggle to persuade the NHS that this met my wife's needs best, and it actually costs less that the care we had previously. More for less. The downside is you have someone living in your house all the time, you have to feed them and provide them with their own bedroom. We are gradually getting used to the idea. Will update the forum with our progress.

One strong argument I used was that I actually know someone who was getting live in care in this PCT (Hampshire) area.

Thanks for your replies,

Best wishes, Paul
I hope this makes a big difference.

Clear groundrules on both sides need to be in place, for it to work, I would imagine.

Hello Melly,

Thanks for your reply.

We have had 24 hr care for a few months now. What you say about quidelines is most important. We have struggled to get quidance. NHS Continuing Health Care who fund our care were not helpful and very petty about what the carer should not do, rather than what they could do.

It is not a perfect solution, but probably the best in our current circumstances. The alternative is for my wife to go into a nursing home, which would be far worse for both of us.

Best wishes, Paul.
Hubby has needed 24 hour live-in care since his injury 17 years ago, we still have it and is funded by our local council, cos the NHS CHC departments etc can't work out with the council who is going to pay for what..... We just leave them to tussle it out at the moment and carry on having the council pay. Long story left over from when we moved back to England from North Wales (who were absolutely Dickensian in their approach to healthcare for hubby).
I shall never get used to having someone in our boogaloo all the time (mostly anyway), but knowing how hard it is looking after someone who can't do anything at all for themselves, all by myself, even for a short 2 weeks, I'm glad of the help really.
Happy that you've got your 24 hour care sorted, just keep your eye on things that happen around your house, that's all.
Good luck with it.